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Tuesday, April 30

  1. page Justin Ahmad Hanif edited Contributions: Addition to Bwoodstar to Wiki Alias Page - September 21/06 Posted relevent arti…

    Addition to Bwoodstar to Wiki Alias Page - September 21/06
    Posted relevent article: "Students display a wiki with words" - November 8/06
    The Communication, Culture, and Information Technology Page - November 8/06
    Press Release on the Visual Culture and Communication Program - November 8/06
    Posted photo of CCIT Building
    Pictures and sources information Links - November 8/06
    Table of Contents ICC - November 8/06
    Posted CCIT Building article - December 8/06
    Posted on Final Test Feedback page - December 8/06
    Posted on Course Overview page - December 8/06
    CCT333 was my first experience using the Wikispaces virtual environment. At first, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be
    able to post anything because it would be in difficult computer language but I do think video tutorials would be beneficial for
    novices like me. The idea of collaborative learning is not a new concept but in this medium it takes on even more. The reach
    of users can span across cities, countries, and the world! If every single person in the entire world used wikis I wonder what
    different people would have to say about poverty, famine, the spread of aids? This is a unique approach to not only learning
    but surging people anonymously to contribute and add authorship to various topics of interests. I did do searches to see so
    many different uses for this type of application. Users have made online resumes, cookbooks, and vacations.
    During my creation CCT333 homepage, I expected other ccit’ers to post happenings, concerns, and ideas. I wasn’t
    surprised no one has posted anything on my page even though I check regularly. I was disappointed that no one had
    contributed because the whole part of Wikis is for everyone to contribute! The material posted on the Wikis for this class is
    suppose to on the concept of redesign and I am not really an expert on this concept so I tried to find specific things to post
    about wikispaces. but I did want to add something about what I do know and from working closely with ICC director, Louis
    Kaplan and meeting the faces of CCIT. I wanted to display how amazing this educational opportunity is.
    The wikispaces environment and its application to this class were useful for our group design process but seemed
    limiting for a class requirement. As a class requirement it fails to provide stimulus for real online interaction. More initiatives
    should be set by the professors to ensure more online participation. I think a good idea to improve traffic on the CCT333
    homepage is to post a weekly question. This question should be course related but also controversial and thought provoking.
    When users post weekly opinions, we start to get to know online viewers. We read weekly they’re responses and become
    familiar with the online interaction in our class. Web communities are a great way to build new ideas but our class needs a
    little push. We need some guidance.What ideas about design? What is it you are exactly looking for? A weekly question
    would shed some light to what material is required to be posted and then we would have no excuse for little participation!
    I had an optimistic view of the wikispaces environment. I must admit I was disappointed that no one posted anything on
    my page because it was about CCIT! I am pretty sure many people in our class are in this program and should have some
    opinion of it but I was wrong. I would check if anyone posted on my page but never saw any real feedback which de-
    motivates people to post. Why post if no one will even participate? I did however make attempts to find articles directly
    related to Wikispaces and posted an article published in the Toronto Star. This also stemmed no interaction or response.

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Sunday, May 27

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  2. page Githu, Anthony (Analysis and Reflection) edited My Progress OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER 7th &14th: -Corrected some typos and added some note…
    My Progress
    7th &14th: -Corrected some typos and added some notes to the design process -Created the page on Anthropometry and added a brief introduction
    27th & 28th: - Added some notes to Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design -Contributed substantial Information on Anthropometrics -Changed the logos on Car Fascination from jpegs to gifs because they were taking too long to load.
    5th- Corrected some typos on Study notes, Chapter 5 & 15. 6th-Made my final edits to Anthropometrics
    -I feel that there are two vital parts to this learning environment:
    The research that an individual student does and posts on the wiki
    * The relationship that is nurtured when relating to other students' work by editing their content ( the second part is also shaped by mutual liaisons and ethics formed by the students as they interact)
    At first the aspects mentioned above seemed separate to me and I tried to work on each one of them at a separate time. Halfway through the project I realised that I was not making much progress because I had taken the wrong approach. I realised that in order to build a successful page on this wiki, one does not have to do all their research separately then copy and paste when its all done! A good wiki comes to live when everyone keeps making small incremental changes. This way, we nurture a symbiotic relationship with our class mates because we rely on each other so as to ameliorate our project. We learn to respect other people's Ideas and the way they express themselves on the wiki, we can either correct them or laud them by making additions that they might have left out. In the long run, we not only gain academically but also socially.
    -Initially, I was just aiming at getting a good grade in this project because I thought it would just be a matter of doing some research and then posting it on the wiki in the final week. I was mistaken! What seemed an easy task wasn't going to be. Having to balance my other school load and making even incremental additions to the wiki proved to be a bit hard. But on the bright side, I really liked the Idea of collaborative effort. I didn't have to do a whole topic by myself, somebody else was always too willing to help me out. Right now, am hoping to profit from the wiki community I am part of, I realised that my participation here is the only way to get a good grade. How I relate with other students and their work is what I expect to catapult me higher.
    -I did a similar project in a previous class and my personal results were not pleasing. I had posted most of my research on the final day and no one had a chance to make additions or correct me. I learnt that a wiki is more than following the guidelines given, It is shaping these guidelines according to one's time and ability to help build the community. It's assynchronous nature enables an individual to move at their pace and contribute according to their level of understanding of a certain topic. Say for Instance, I introduce a topic on Web Design; being a novice in this sector I will just give a vague overview of what it is. Later on, some one who has done deeper research on the topic will post more comprehensive details and we both benefit from this contribution.
    -If I have an Idea, I'll look to see if it is already on the table of contents.
    If it is, I will read through the information posted, analyze and compare it to what I could have done. If there are any deviations on my side, I will make the addition. If it is comprehensive enough, I will leave it intact and maybe try to beautify the page (titles, typos, images et cetera)
    If it is not available, I will first set up the new page and do a brief/ vague introduction and leave it open for editing by anyone. I will then do thorough research on the topic and keep making contributions as my research progresses.
    -I check my own postings most frequent when my work load in the other classes is light. If it is heavy I will just glimpse through without making meaningful contributions. However I note down what is missing so that when I have more time at my disposal I can research on it and make a more comprehensive contribution. This is also the perfect time for making minor changes and alterations because they do not take up much time or effort.
    -As a result of the above approach to wiki editing, my work rarely gets changed; however it gets alot of incremental contribution from other students
    -My views about collaborative learning have not changed much since my first entry, reason being that by the time I was writing the entry I had already 'seen the light' about such a collaborative learning environment.
    -This is the second time that I have used wikis in class, and it was during this period that I was able to really grasp its usefulness. For first timeslow learners like me, I would advise them to take another similar class!
    -In my opinion, the most productive thing about using wiki is that 'the learning environment was also the subject of study.' What better way to Imagine the Audience in a Wired World than to observe actual participants ( CCT333 students) collaborate through wired means to set up and improve a virtual learning environment.

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Wednesday, February 1

  1. page Chris Cashmore edited This page discusses the work contributed by Chris Cashmore in CCIT 333. During the beginning of t…
    This page discusses the work contributed by Chris Cashmore in CCIT 333.
    During the beginning of the course, the learning environment in which the wiki provided supported a collaborative experience, although its usefulness was questionable. Although, difficult to continuously remember to be adding or editing the wiki frequently, the expectations for myself during this extended project was more of learning then teaching. As material is posted and viewed, I would contribute, although I was hoping more for an experience to learn. Furthermore, I saw a great deal more of this with the smaller group wiki assignment, which had a more direct statement for achievement. As I am sure many of the users within this class have experienced previous wiki uses, my contributions would be extensively in other software and digital programs which may be included or added to the wiki; such as Illustrator designs.
    The first posting I had created was motivated by another students post which I had viewed and wanted to incorporate new information on. Although too vague of a topic of interest, I also wanted to create a new post, directed by an interesting lecture topic. Although the whole concept of editing and altering other students’ works appears unfair and possibly corrupt, the freedom that wiki’s provide are very encouraging, as well as supported by the ability to view page history; incase valuable information was lost. I have not checked my own posting as much as I would have liked to, and also I have not viewed any apparent edits to my work at this time.
    Although my views have not changed from previous wiki experiences on such a large scale, they have been encouraged by the influence to use wiki’s as more private sourced materials, as apparent through the group project. The ability to monitor a select few within a wiki allows for a more personal level of interest in creating the wiki environment. I believe that the emphasis on the group project is essential; especially throughout future work experiences, and that the collaboration of individuals within smaller audiences tends to be more interesting then on a large scale, such as within the CCIT333 site.

    11/08: Google Earth post created
    12/04: Activity Theory post created
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Wednesday, August 10

Thursday, July 14

  1. page Doyle, Kristina edited {wiki_anf.jpg} ... featuring Kristina Doyle's analysis & reflection of CCT333's wikispace!…

    ... featuring Kristina Doyle's analysis & reflection of CCT333's wikispace!
    December 8/06: removed a banner someone added to theAnalysis & Reflections page that was very large and slow loading, also likely causing unnecessary horizontal scrolling for some users. Also really had no relevance to the page.
    November 18/06: added "photography" section to page on miniturization
    November 18/06: fixed some incorrect swapped links on the table of contents
    November 18/06: reflection two is up!
    November 11/06: finally got my main entry up and running for the most part, I think! The ATTENTION article is now functional and mostly complete. YAY... that's awesome 'cause I don't think I can pay much more attention to it. Ha... lame. I think I'm going to spend the majority of the remaining project time roaming and editing.
    November 10/06: have been working offline on my main wiki entry for about a week and a half now - "attention." Still in the works and hoping to have at least a rough start of an organized wiki page today.
    October 17/06: corrected some grammar and spelling errors, removed and replaced some objective definitons on the Car Fascination
    September 20/06: created personal 'analysis & reflection' personal page in order to keep track of edits and additions.
    September 19/06: altered wiki homepage to include class description, professor e-mail and wiki profile.
    I N I T I A L . I M P R E S S I O N S
    October 10th, 2006 --- I am having a first time experience with using wikis for school related purposes. I have been an active wiki consumer over the years, and have found them very useful for gaining new knowledge - however, I've also learned to handle information cautiously and absorb objectively due to the free-for-all editing format.
    I think that is one of the bigger challenges of wiki use. A large majority of them are very well written articles, akin to other academic sources. Knowing the information comes from a wiki, and therefore anyone with internet access (and wiki access depending on the type of wiki) can edit the contents is sometimes the only warning the reader gets that the information contained within may be inaccurate. This is despite however professional it may appear. Forming your own "objective eye" and reading with another purpose does not develop all at once. Now, instead of simply reading information to digest, you are reading to digest as well as take every section of information and idea to compare it to your own with the end goal of sorting this information into which is best and most correct. This can be controversial, depending on the topic.
    I am hoping to learn a lot of information from my peers and develop my objective wiki eye throughout the semester.
    (Because I am taking part in two different wikis - and to keep it somewhat interesting for you guys - I'll answer partly here and partly on CCT300)
    Ugh, unfortunately I'm a bit behind in this wiki reflection - I'm having recurrent problems with stupid acephalgic migraines (migraine in which you get the aura, without a headache. It's great that I don't actually get migraines, but it's not possible to drive the 1.5 hours to Oakville across the 401/403 with no peripheral vision and blind focus spots. HAHA) and that gives me a bit of trouble making it to labs at times... ah well. On with the wiki!
    It is definitely a different sort of experience to be editing the work of your peers without any consultation at all. I'm actually glad there's isn't many people that I know in these two classes, because I think it would be much harder to edit the work of a friend... there might be a bit of resent there. I haven't personally had my work edited yet besides some anchors being added to my attention page (which I would have done myself... but I completely forgot that you could do, haha). I would initially be slightly offended, I think, but if I reviewed the changes and agreed with them that would be great with me! Constructive community learning is awesome - I know this from being a part of many online forums, which are a different format altogther but have a similar principle.
    In comparison to many people, I find that I have a very group-oriented, cooperative and open-minded approach to this kind of thing... so I just hope that people that are more easily offended or prone to take things personally don't take any edits the wrong way. I think that as long as it is realized that this is a learning community that has a common goal, it should be fine! (I hope... haha.)
    I have not changed my views in regards to online collaborative learning since the beginning of CCT333. I still believe that wiki-type use for education purposes is an excellent advancement and utilization of Web 2.0 technology, and that is also challenges us to consume information with an active and open frame of mind due to the possibility of erroneous information.
    My suggestion for improving wiki use is just for people to participate more. It is hard to add to community contributions when all the articles have already been corrected and added to, and there is no longer any “fresh” content. I do understand that this is a limited undertaking due to the amount of students in the class, but I do feel that the number we had was adequate to have a lot more activity than we did. Many times I would log onto the wiki and I actually couldn’t find anything I felt I could add to or improve since the last time I logged in.
    I enjoyed having a great collaborative online review page for our exam, it came in very handy and is much more effective than a forum or discussion board application.
    Kristina Doyle is a twenty year old student studying in her second year of a CCIT major and Digital Enterprise Management specialist. Outside of school, she works at one of Ontario's largest digital imaging chains selling photo equipment to both professional and amatuer photographers. She does a ton of stuff for fun, including (but not limited to) photography both for fun and for money, writing, graphic and multimedia design, riding horses, driving anything with wheels and an engine (stick shift please!), and modelling. She's definitely a bit of a tomboy - in a nerdy, Halo-champ way, and a macho, gettin-greasy-workin-on-trucks-for-a-week-straight-without-a-shower way (unfortunately, both of these are true.) She's loving the CCIT program so far!

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Saturday, January 16

  1. page Analysis_Reflection edited ... Doyle, Kristina Draper, Laura Dulku, Amandeep Back to top e
    Doyle, Kristina
    Draper, Laura
    Dulku, Amandeep
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Friday, January 15

  1. page Amandeep Dulku edited Amandeep Dulku's Analysis and Reflections Page {tml.jpg} {tml.jpg} {tml.jpg} Contributions …

    Amandeep Dulku's Analysis and Reflections Page
    {tml.jpg} {tml.jpg} {tml.jpg}
    November 19th
    - created page 'Norman's Principles'
    - listed the principles and explained them in detail
    - added table of contents
    November 25th
    - Made about 10-20 edits on the BlackBerry page
    - grammer and spelling corrections on BlackBerry page
    - added links to other related pages on the cct333 wikispaces
    - contributed content to Facebook page (other similar websites)
    - added links to other external websites on Facebook page
    - table of contents on Facebook page
    - added Toronto Maple Leafs Logo to My Page
    - asked a question on A2: Wiki FAQs
    November 27th
    - Changed the 'look and feel' of our group wiki space
    November 29th
    - Added content titled "Usability Goals" on Usability page
    - Added many internal and external links to E-Commerce page
    - Added picture to E-commerce page
    December 5th
    - edited analysis and reflections part 3 and for some reason all of it got deleted, not sure what is wrong with wikispaces today but its very frustrating and annoying!!!!!
    - re-did part 3 of analysis and reflections
    December 6th
    - added paragraph under history section on YouTube page
    What do you think/feel about this collaborative learning environment?
    I believe a collaborative learning environment is an excellent learning tool for a classroom environment. It allows students and professors to easily communicate via a wikispace and is very helpful. At first I did not like the idea of a wiki and it does not work in all situations, however a collaborative learning environment helps to keep accurate, up-to-date and error-free information available to whoever uses the system. I feel it is a good tool if used appropriately and wikipedia is an excellent example of how effective it can be.
    What are your expectations for yourself?
    My expectations are to learn how to use this tool more effectively and efficiently than I have in the past. I will try to come on the wikispace often so that I will be able to contribute to the wikispace as much as possible. I hope that I will learn more and interesting things that I did not know about wikispaces before. And I also expect to learn more by searching and editing the works of my peers.
    If you have previously used wiki in another course, then describe what you have previously learned and how you want expand your understanding.
    I have used wiki in one other course before this one. I wish to expand on my understandings of some more advanced functions. I will look into making some pages looks nicer by changing fonts or page style for example. I have learned how to hyperlink and link to other peers pages but I want to learn how to use and edit using some of the more advanced but not too complex features of wikispaces.
    What can you contribute as an experienced participant?
    As a somewhat experienced participant I wish to contribute and help others learn the basic features of the wikispace as I have done with Harpreet and Anna who have never used wikispaces before. Also I will try to attend to some basic questions that some other users have asked if I know the answer to their questions.
    2. Think about the following and answer to the best of your ability:
    How do you choose which postings to contribute or change?
    I look at topics that are interesting and relate to me. I choose to contribute from my own knowledge about different topics. If I do not know anything about the specific topic than I don’t believe I can contribute anything relevant. Sometimes I randomly look through the postings and edit or change random postings. However, most of the time I choose to contribute and change topics of interest to me.
    What are your thoughts on adding, editing or re-arranging other people's work?
    My thoughts on adding content to other people’s work is that it is a good way to get a great deal of information on one specific topic. It helps because sometimes there is stuff that’s missing so by adding content one is contributing positively to the posting. Editing other people’s work is a good collaboration tool with the wiki's as well. This allows for simple grammatical corrections and making sure the postings make sense. By allowing people to edit your work it will ensure it is current and correct.
    Do you regularly check your own postings for alterations? Has anyone changed your work and how have you felt about it?
    Yes, I do check my own postings for alterations and to add more content to it myself as well. Sometimes I get mad because it seems that the other person is trying to show that they are better then I and know more about the topic. However, when I look at their contributions I realize that they are just trying to help and that their edits are improving my work as well. Sometimes I believe some edits or changes are not necessary and then I would re-word or change it again myself.
    3. As a final reflection on your experience with the CCT333 wiki, look back and read your first entry.
    Have your views changed in regards to collaborative learning while participating in this wiki?
    Yes my views have changed once again. I don’t think its so much “excellent learning tool for a classroom environment” anymore. I found it a little bit annoying at times, sometimes when trying to edit pages it would be very slow and take a lot of time switching to the editing mode. Also, I’m typing this out again because the first time the edit didn’t show up for some reason, and now I am typing it up in word first. So it is a little bit annoying and not as reliable as one may have thought. I believe that collaborative learning itself is good and helps in certain situations such as group work. With the group assignment I found that the wiki was the best way to have all of our information available to everyone at the same time and everyone could change things and it was very convenient. For the actual Wiki assignment I do not believe it actually served the purpose that was intended because I do not believe there was too much “collaboration” it seems students just post their own contributions and there isn’t too much editing as it is time consuming and students with lots of other assignments and tests from other courses tend to put things off. It is a different kind of assignment which most university students are not used to.
    Are there any ideas, suggestions or comments you could share for possible improvements?
    I would strongly recommend using the wiki for group work, once again I felt it was the most useful aspect of the wiki during the course. Improvements to the wiki itself, its needs to somehow incorporate a spell check system because its so annoying seeing minor spelling mistakes that could have been avoided with a simple spell check. Using word and than posting it later I find is easier. Also, they need to improve the system so it doesn’t delete your work for some reason today I typed everything out and when I saved it my page was blank when I went to revert everything was gone. I’m not sure how this happened as I though wiki “remembers” everything.
    Things you thought were most productive or helpful about using wiki?
    Once again using it for our group project. I can’t emphasis enough how useful it was for the group assignment. Very convenient and easy to collaborate with group members on the wiki and doesn’t waste paper and easy to mark for professors. I just think it worked so well for the group assignment.
    {tml.jpg} {tml.jpg} {tml.jpg} {moz-screenshot.jpg}
    Images from

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Friday, January 23

  1. msg Looking for a group for Assignment 3! message posted Looking for a group for Assignment 3! Hi! I'm in the 7-8 tutorial and I'm looking for a group for Assignment 3. Anyone not in a group yet…
    Looking for a group for Assignment 3!
    Hi! I'm in the 7-8 tutorial and I'm looking for a group for Assignment 3. Anyone not in a group yet, or any groups need an extra member? It would be awesome since I don't really know anyone in my tutorial :) Thanks

    - Brittany
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Friday, January 9

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