Able Lee

Wiki pages I created

created the M-commerce page on Nov 10
- wrote about 800 words
- added various pictures
- added varius graphs and charts

*(for content contribution on other peoples pages, please refer to contributions/community section)

Contributions / Community

the IPod Nano page on Nov 8
- added the size and dimension section
- added the price list section

the Car Fascination page on Nov 8
- createded new sections for countries of auto manufactures
- contributed to the cars by countries

the E-Commerce page on Nov 8
- contributed to the advantages and disadvantages section

the research method content page on Nov 9
- created a new section for called observation method

the Google page on Nov 9
- created a new section for Googe Maps
- contributed to the description of Google Maps

created a page for M-Commerce on Nov 10
- began writing and adding content

the Aesthetics page on Nov 26
- created a new section for television
- added content and pictures

the sidekick page on Nov 26
- crated and added to the dimensions section

the Elara page on Nov 26
- added to the content on the last step

contributed to the convergence page on Nov 26
- added a example under media/industry convergence

the Ipod Shuffle page on Nov 26
- created a section for the price

the M-commerce page on Nov 26
- added 2 pictures

he windows live messenger page on Nov 26
- added a picture at the top

the scanable text page on Nov 26
- contributed to the introduction

the Digital Divide page on Nov 27
- added a pie graph showing the internet usage by region

the World Wide Web Page on Nob 27
- added a picture to the page

the James Bond Gadgets page on Nov 27
- created the Watch section
- added 2 pictures in the watch section

the Viacom/CBS page on Nov 27
- added a picture to show all the Viacom companies

the Ergonomics page on Nov 27
- added picture that demonstrates ergonomics in the office

Analysis and Reflection

1) First question

Before I enrolled in CCT333, I was not familiar with Wikispaces. I have heard my friends in CCIT mention it a couple of times for other classes they have tacken. At the beginning of the semester, Wiki Spaces and the online community was completly new to me. I think wikispace is a great webpage and online community. It appers to be simple and easy to use. The learning curve for me to learn how to use wikispace was very short. It did not take me long to learn the functions, I figured out how to use every tool in a matter of minutes. Most people who have a basic knowledge of the internet shouldnt have any trouble learning how to use wikispaces. Using Wiki spaces is not any harder than creating a text docuement in Mircrosoft word. For my expectations, I expect to contribute to wikispace as much as I can and make frequent updates to my personal work and work of other people. Also, I expect to share my knowledge and provide good content to the community. I believe that members of the community can gain a lot of knowledge from active participation in the community. Wiki Spaces is definitly great for collaborative learning in many ways. It allows people to share their knowledge and distrubute facts at ease very efficiently and effectively. Wikispaces is a great way for people to work in groups and produce content online like our group projects in CCT333. There are many advantages to using wikispaces for a group project and collaborative work over your traditoinal ways of handing in a hard copy to your instructor. For example, group members within your group can communicate using wikispace. You can see what other group members have written in the content, which can precent reptition. Also, wikispaces allows you to revise and add to your group members work. Wikispaces allows people to really collaborate together. I have not really experienced a true group projected at UTM where we truely worked as a group. For my group projects in the past, my group would typically divide the required work to be completed for each group member. The group would meet one or two days before the due date and paste our parts into a single word docuement. There would not be a lot of dicussion within the group regarding the topic. Wikispace has introduced a new way for my group to work together to complete a group project where we truely work as a group in every aspect of the assignment.

2) Second question

The process to choose which postings to contribute to is very simple for me. Picking topics that I'm familiar to does not requires me to do intense research on the internet. As a result, I choose which postings to contribute to or changed based on my personal knowledge, experiences and interest. I look for topics that I'm already familiar to, which makes it easier for me to contribute. When I usually write about a subject that I'm not very familiar to, I must do a great amount of research on the internet to educate myself on the topic before I can contribute to the topic. When I contribute to a wiki post, I usaually look add content to already exising sub topics or start a new sub topic within the post that will add value to the post. During my first week or two, I was very careful on every button I press when I was adding, editing and re-arranging other people's work as I was completly new to wiki spaces. I did not want to accidently delete other people content or do anything like that as I was still in the process of learning how to use wiki spaces. I think contributing to other peoples work adds value to the post. It increases the amount of content on the page and allows you to share your knowledge and research material with others. When I have spare time, I check my own postings for alterations as whenever I can. Over a period of time, other member in the class have contributed and changed my pages. It is certainly a postive thing when other people contribute to your page. My pages become better whem people update or add content to my page. Also, people can beautify my page when they add pictures and visuals.

3) Third question

My views about collaborative work has not changed. I still think wiki is a great concept that allows people to create content and allows others to contribute to the content. When other contribute to the content, the content becomes better. Also, you learn more about a topic when you go back to a page and read what others have contributed. I think that adding a grammer functoin such as spell check would be very helpful and enhance my overall experience of using wiki. I constatnly have to double check my grammer. In many cases, people tend to create their work in MS word and paste it into wiki space to use the spell check function on MS word. I think that the function to revert your work from the history page is really helpful. It allows users to go back to a state before the work was saved. This helpful when you accidently delete your work or need to go back to a previous stage.