'How-to' Section for those new to Wikispaces.

How do you create a new page?

On the side panel to the left, under 'Actions' Click New Page. This will give you a blank canvas to begin creating a space.wikispaceshelp11.JPG

How do you create links (external and internal)?

Click Edit This Page on this or any other available page you are currently viewing (This option will only appear on pages you have permission to change). You can first highlight the text you wish to make a link or type it in the dialoge box later. Browse over to the top of the page and look at the newly available toolbar. Select the option Add Link (the globe with a connected link picture). A new window will appear and you basically fill in all the information.


How do you create a table of contents?

Click Edit This Page that is located on top. Then enter the following code anywhere on top, and make sure you remove the spaces between the brackets: [ [ toc ] ]
This is the code used to create the table of contents. You can bold, italic, and underline the code to make the font in the table of content to change to bold or italic. Then save your work and the table of content should be visible. Below is an example,


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