Assignment 1

Technology Design Analysis (20%)

This first assignment requires each student to identify, research and analyze two interactive technologies of their own choosing. One needs to be a virtual object or environment and the other a physical object or environment.Analysis will be done with reference to the Usability Goals and User Experience Goals from Chapter 1 of the Preece reading.Following the assignment template, students will report on:

• A brief description of the technology
• A photo or visual representation
• Significant user experience goals (3)
• Significant usability goals (3)
• Evaluation of the interaction between the above goals
• Sources, references (as needed)

This assignment is graded at 20% (10% per analysis) and is due Tuesday October 3 at the beginning of the lab session. Students will submit two copies of assignment; 1) printed document to be submitted in class and 2) uploaded to the instructor's dropbox on the elara server.
  • Print copy prior to lab as assignments wil be submitted at beginning of lab ! No guarantees of working printers
  • Please include lab # in which you are enrolled (1,2 or 3)
* Either Word or PDF format is acceptable.
  • Please name files using the following convention: lastname_firstname. pdf or lastname_firstname. doc

Formatting Details

• each analysis must fit on one page
• use no smaller than 9 pt. san serif font (eg. arial)
• follow the below template … adjust cell sizes as needed

Examples from Last Year