Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
This is my first time actually creating my own wiki space, so in the beginning it was hard to navigate, trying to learn how to edit, where to add my work, and how to go about editing other student’s work. Although, when I started exploring, and trying to edit and un-edit things just to see how the program worked, it wasn’t so bad. The wiki space is actually really helpful because it allows students to help each other by editing each other’s work, and a space that allows us to communicate with one another by posting questions related to the course, and how to go about doing assignments, studying for tests, and a great way to pick simple computer skills. I hope to learn more from my peers, when posting my work on the wiki, they have a chance to view and edit my work. There may be things that I wasn’t aware of, or may have forgotten to put in, and with the wiki, it allows for this to happen. I also hope to be able to do the same, and hopefully be able to contribute to their work also.

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006
I choose which postings to contribute or change by what I find interesting, and a topic I feel I have a good understanding of. Generally, I find that most of the CCIT courses interconnect, so many of the topics have been talked about in the other classes. However, each concept can be applied to different things in different ways. So, if I see a topic that has been brought up in another class, I would generally go and read about it, and see if I can add more to it. The wiki allows us to change and add to other people's work which is a great idea for expanding, and learning more about topics. However, with the second assignment, it's kind of frustrating because you want to start off a topic, and continue to add on later, but someone else has decided to add more. I generally would check my postings to see what changes the other students have made. It gives me an indication of whether I'm on the right track, and I'm able to learn more about the topic that I may not have known. My work has been edited by other classmates and I find it really frustrating when you want to add more or edit your own particular contribution to the wiki, but someone else has already added the points you were intending to put in. Sometimes, the other person adding onto your topic can be completely off. As a result, it’s a great way to learn more, but also it’s extremely aggravating.

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006
In the beginning I found it extremely difficult to navigate the wiki, and I had no ida how to edit and create pages. It was frustrating seeing what the other students were able to create, but once I started using it, it became easier to use. I became accustomed to their tools, and found easy to use like any other program that I've been accustomed to. However I still find it extremely frustrating when editing my contributions, but finding someone else has already done so. Although, if this wasn't for a page where it was based on marks for our individual contributions, the wiki is a great way to compile ideas, and contribute to the pool of knowledge. The wiki founders should discover a way where only one person is able to edit the page at a time, to eliminate the frustration and the possibility of losing information. I find the wiki useful when it comes to studing for test because you don't necessarily have to search through the entire textbook to find out about a certain topic, you can simply look it up in the table of contents. The benefit to that is also, the words are in simple things because it's coming from another student. Considering the wiki is still fairly new compared to the other pages out there, I feel that it will only continue to grow and change to improve the usability of the page, making it more efficient and effective for students along with the other users who want to gain knowledge about a certain topic.


Wiki Contribution

  • Started the topic Data Mining
  • Continually organized topics in the Table of Contents
  • Continually organized wiki alias throughout the term
* Started and contributed to the topic Likert Scale
  • Major Contribution to the topic CI Models
  • Made grammar edits to Data Mining
  • Continually organized the Analysis and Reflection page
  • Added a seperate link for the Flow Model page
  • Added a seperate link to Artefact Model linked to the Table of Contents
  • Linked Sequence Model to Table of Contents apearing as a new page
  • Started a seperate page link for Physical Model
  • Made a new link for Cultural Model connecting to the Table of Contents