The Beginning

When I first herd that we would be doing our own space on wiki, my anxiety went through the roof. I though oh great, me who doesn’t know anything about making a simple webpage and we have to create our own space on a webpage for CCT 333 that is going to be worth 25% of our mark. Since I didn’t even know that wikispaces existed before I began this class I’m not quite what to expect or how it will pan out. I’m not quite comfortable in using wiki since I’m used to using website like and Webct for course related material. I’m currently exploring wiki to see what its all about, it’s a bit confusing on where to find certain things, so its all a matter about exploring this space/website. I’m hoping to be able to learn about wikispaces, how to add things on the space. I hope by the end of the course that I’m really familiarized with it and will be able to add content such as text, images/pictures, related links to my topic, maybe even audio and video.

Mid Term

The most important thing about choosing which posting to contribute or change depends on how well you know about the material that has been posted. If you do not know anything about the topic, well you shouldn’t add at the risk of sounding like a total idiot. Plus the point is to share with others your knowledge about certain things, if you have none about its well you care share. However you can edit their mistakes or perhaps explore the Internet for pictures or images that are related to their topic. I believe editing people work is important because sometimes the message they are are trying to convey or getting across does not make any sense, thus editing would be a great benefit to other students. Also by editing people work you are helping them to learn and give them ideas on how to better construct their ideas and how to implement them in their text. Also but correcting people mistakes you your self are benefiting by practicing your English and we all know that practice makes perfect! As for adding or re-arranging someone’s work for me it’s a little iffy, it depends on whether or not I really know this person or not. I don’t feel particularly comfortable in changing people web layouts or
Changing their images or pictures without their consent because to me its like you are invading their personal space and we all know what can happen when you invade in peoples spaces ……chaos… For our group project, I checked as often as I could for grammar, word-spelling mistake to edit them. I re -arranged sentences or paragraphs that did not make any sense At the beginning when I posted things and people changed what I put I got frustrated or annoyed that they had done it without my consent and I had felt like my right had been violated but I quickly got over it since I realized “it was a group project” not my own space. Sometimes you change the layout or the font color and then they would change it to something they preferred so it was a little bit annoying.

The End

I do not feel that my views have changed tremendously over the course of the semester about Wiki. I'm still not comfortable with using Wiki such as adding images, pictures and what not. Although, I do find some of the topics that the student chose were highly interesting, while others well boring since I already know about the particular technology the chose. Learning about new technology is great you get to see what out there about thing you didn’t even knew what existed. The I believe that Wiki is a good learning environment based on some of the topics the students have chose but for the ones that you knew about before this space makes Wiki pointless. I would really like if it where possible for Wiki could have backgrounds available or have a way for people to create or implement their own. Also, if Wiki would let us implement word art from Microsoft or such types of program’s that would be really awesome. I wish they would take out those stupid advertisements that are on the left hand side of Wikispaces because it gets confusing and it takes up space. They should either put it at the very end of the page or thing of something else, like making the advertisement smaller or something of that nature. One of the helpful things about Wiki is that you don’t have to use any of that html bullshit. It’s very easy to implement text about your thoughts, information, topics etc…


  • I have done a lot of editing for the smvs wikispace
  • I have posted the following links under "interesting links" : and
  • I also posted a picture for the main reflection and analysis , which has been taken off :(
  • I did some peer editing and put bullet marks for the information design page
  • I also added some links to the information design page
  • I've added a small paragraph on the accessability page about the utm accessability center along with contact information and a web link
  • I've also added an image on information design
  • I've added a picture on the activity theory page
  • I've added to the car list as well as provided links to websites
  • I've added a paragraph about copyrights and a link to the Limewire website and I've also made the picture smaller because it didn't fit on all of that page
  • I have done spell checking and rephrasing of sentences, editing etc on Sobia Ziab's Analysis & Reflection

source of picture :

*somehow my name got deleted of the list in analysis& reflection