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Analysis and Reflection...

Alicia's Take on the Wiki Space

At first I found this assignment very daunting. I know it may sound strange for a communications major to admit this but I am very apprehensive when it comes to the internet. I get overwhelmed very easily so at initially that is exactly how I felt. I apprecite that this course is forcing me to get over this angst and embrace an online community with hands on intiatives. I am sure the results will only be beneficial. To be honest it wasn't until I started the group assignment with Kristen and Andrea that I really started to utilize the space.

1.My First impression...

"Oh no, not another online communtiy that I have to join for school. Isn't there enough already?!?".

Perhaps this wasn't a fair assumption to make. The wiki actually turned out to be far easier to navigate than say vista or even the original web ct. The left menu makes it easy to find what you are looking for, the bulletins keep you informed and so do the message boards and FAQs.

I began by working with the wiki only during the labs for our class. Once our group project started both Andrea and Kristen were far more into the program than I was and began showing me what I could do. It was nice to have others help me familiarize myself with the space and anwer my questions but I was still very aloof when it came to the community building and eaditing of others work. I am a pretty self concious person so I found it very intimidating to have to go in and change the work that someone else had already done. In regards to the group project it wasn't so scary because I was working with others and there was always a group consenus. The intimidating factor about the wiki assignment is that you are working on your own.

2.Halfway Through The Term...

"Ok maybe this isn't so bad".

Most of my fears about the wiki have diminshed. I regularly check it for updates and information regarding the course. To be honest though I have not done much in regards to community building. I like using the wiki mainly for our group project. We have met online a few times to post suggestions and the whole process hasn't been that difficult.

As I haven't contributed to much to the site not much has been done by others in return. It's weird that I would have no issues with anyone changing my own work but am not eager to do it for others. I have begun looking at pages for spelling and grammar issues because I know I am good at that (my mom is a copy editor). I can't help but wonder if a survey has been conducted about the psycholgical affects that an assignment like this can have on a self conscious person.

3.Now that it is almost over...

"I made it!".

To be honest I could have done alot more to contribute to the site. Looking back at my initial thoughts I almost have to question myself as to why I was becoming more comfortable but not proactive.

However, I am really glad that the wiki turned out to be a far better community than some of the others I am used to.

Below is a list of thoughts that best decsribe what I liked about the wiki, what I would like to see improved and just a list of things that I think would make cool additions as the site progresses.

What Works:

  • The Navigation System
  • The icons are very straight forward and easily recognizable as they are similar to many of icons used in other programs.
  • FAQs and message boards are very helpful.
  • Having a menu seperate from the rest of the pages that is always visible is a great help.
  • Being able to beautify a site and add you own special twist is also very cool.
  • Everything is straight forward and out in the open. It comes across as aa standard website and is not too complex.

What Should be Improved:
  • A printer friendly version for text documents (as opposed to copying and pasting).
  • Spell check.
  • More design options.
  • More use of macro keys (ie. control z).

Things That Aren't Necessary but would be cool:
  • Video and Music Streaming.
  • A Flash component.

Community Building

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