Assignment 1: Technology Design Analysis FAQ's

This page is for students to post questions about the assignment andfor either instructors or other students to respond to thesequestions. This page can also be used as a general discussion of theassignment where students can post comments, discuss the assignment,and introduce ideas.

Question /Answer

1. Are we allowed to use point form for our contributions? How many paragraphs do we need?

Its acceptable to use point form and in some cases it may help to itemize your answer into the needed components. For others, it is a stylistic challenge to create a well understood piece of writing. In other words its your choice.
The template will dictate the need for amount of paragraphs. Italicize or bold which goals you are addressing to help with organization.

2. What do you mean by a virtual object or environment (versus a physical object or environment)?

A physical object exists in a form that can be sensed through its concrete properties; in other words we can touch and manipulate it in 3 dimensions. For example: hair dryer, camera, fork, flashlight, zipper, ladder, coat hook, desk lamp, flipbooks, cell phones

A physical environment is actual setting that is designed for the benefit or in service of the user. Example: bank services, museum exhibition, movie theatre, hamburger stand, playground

Virtual object is not physical but respresentative of ideas; we cannot touch but can operate or manipulate to perform an activity. Example: graphics software, electronic calender, voice mail, wiki, word processor, help files, ROSI,

Virtual environment is a representation of "physical space" (although this depends on how one defines space) and is generally thought of as immersive. Example: flight simulators, first-person computer games( eg. Doom, Tony Hawk), digital cadaver
However a virtual environment could be less visual but just as immersive as an online community, chat room, text-based MUDs and MOO's

3. Can we use personal experience in the analysis?

Personal experience with a particular technology is valuable in providing first hand insights into the good and not-so aspects. If you have no experience with a technology, it may be rather hard to assess it terms of usability and especially difficult to speculate on user experience. In other words, in using an object/environment regularly you become the expert and offer perspectives otherwise difficult to imagine.

As a result, for this assignment writing in the first person is not only fine, but probably makes the most sense.

4. When referencing sources, do we need to do it according to MLA, MPA or any other format?

As long as the referencing style is consistent and contains sufficient information for the reader to recall the source, it's acceptable. CCIT courses tend to use MLA, so it might be advisable to stick with what you're familiar with (or become familiar with it...) This site has some easy-to-understand instructions on citing sources in MLA format.

5. Does each goal have to be about the same length each?

NO. According to the lab 2 summary under this wiki it says "Not all elements require an equal amount of space on your assignment. If one area is very important, give it more space. If one area is less important, decrease the amount of space for it."

6.What is the procedure to upload files on 'Elara'? What folder are we supposed to drop in our files?

The process can be found here.

7. Any idea when our marks will be available for this assignment? And if they will be posted online or...?

I guess this is a bit late, but our marks were given to us last class (October 17). Assignments not picked up will be available Oct. 24 in lab as well, and after that, for pickup in the pro shop from Hetty (across from the elevator on the third floor.)

If WebCT Vista ever works this semester, we'll post grades there as well. Don't count on that being the case right away though. Still haven't heard back from them.