1. When first encountering Wikispaces at the beginning of the course.

· What do you think/feel about this collaborative learning environment?
I think that Wikispaces is a great way to build a collaborative environment and establish a class community in which students and professors could interact effectively.

· What are your expectations for yourself?
My expectation for myself are to contribute effectively to the CCT333 Wikispaces by creating pages that are engaging, interesting and educational to other students.

· If you have previously used Wiki in another course, then describe what you have previously learned and how you want expand your understanding.
I have used Wiki in other courses and I have learned that it is important to edit other peoples work effectively and make the pages as beneficial as possible. I also learned that the Wiki is very beneficial when direct content to the course such as test study pages or group project brainstorming.

· What can you contribute as an experienced participant?
As an experienced participant I could aid other students in making their site look more aesthetically pleasing by adding images, editing, and changing overall formats. In order to build the best possible Wikispace it is important not only to add good content but to add other aesthetic contribution in order to make the space engaging and easy to read and understand.

2. Midterm

· How do you choose which postings to contribute or change?
The best way to decide what to contribute or change on the space is to do something that you yourself are interested in or want to find out more about. It is beneficial to go through the Table of Contents and see what else other people have posted, pick a few sites that you want to read and change or add to that site. Furthermore it is also important to do a site that someone has not already created, and if you really have something beneficial to add to a site that has already been created, then you can edit some content to make it more valuable.

· What are your thoughts on adding, editing or re-arranging other people's work?
It is important to make sure that when editing other people’s work you are really sure that the information you are adding is not plagiarized and is truly content that will benefit the overall space. Editing is great especially when it has to do with spelling mistakes and grammar, every work needs to be read through by someone else because there may be things that the author has missed or doesn’t know how to do.

· Do you regularly check your own postings for alterations? Has anyone changed your work and how have you felt about it?
Yes I do actively check my own space for alterations for other. If I really disagree with what they have taken out or changed I will change it again myself. But if the change is justified then I do not touch it. Someone once did change some major points in the Chapter 2 notes that I created as a study guide for the final test. I added these points back onto the space because I though that it would be beneficial to other students to read, and I did not understand why someone would edit the information that I took from the textbook.

3. Final Reflection

· Have your views changed in regards to collaborative learning while participating in this Wiki?
Because I have participated in the Wikispace my views in regards to collaborative learning have been reinforced. I think that collaborative learning is one of the best ways to gain knowledge and build effective communities that strengthen a learning environment and makes people want to help others out.

· Are there any ideas, suggestions or comments you could share for possible improvements?
One of the only suggestions that I could provide for users of the Wiki is to make sure that the content posted is relevant and legitimate. In order to build the best possible Wiki everyone has to be a good citizen of the Wikispace community.

· Things you thought were most productive or helpful about using Wiki?
The most productive and helpful aspect of using the Wiki was when doing the group project because it enabled all group members to go onto their site and change or add to the project. It also enabled all of the group members to contribute to the project without having to physically meet. Another very helpful aspect about the Wiki was when it came to the test. Individuals including myself posted study notes for all the chapters and enabled studying for the final test to be efficient and effective.


Created Digital Divide Page
Created Chapter 2 Notes Page
Added Information to Chapter 3 Notes Page
Added to Navigation Bar on the home page
Added link to Group Pages for Final Project
Created Digital Music Production Page