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Created The Medium page - Nov. 12
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Oct. 10: I expect that Wikispace will be an interesting way to have my voice heard, in that my voice can also be edited if anyone so chooses. That may not be a negative thing because wikispaces seem to create a community among students and each one seems respectful of the others around them. I plan on opening people to the different ways of communication that UTM and Sheridan have, such as radio stations, newspapers online, etc. I also plan on adding a section about what is necessary on campus to enable more communiation tools for the students.

Nov. 7: So far, wikispaces has proved to be a great collaborative tool in this academic environment. The informality makes posting easier and it also allows all students to work together creatively to enhance wikispace as a whole. Editing can sometimes be an annoyance on wikispace because the pages often save differently than the preview shows. Other than that, editing is helpful because I prefer that other people can add their insight and knowledge to my work, especially if I try and tackle something I am not personally an expert on.
I regularly check my work for changes. In fact, I have the changes e-mailed to my inbox so I know when each page is changed. There have been very few changes to my current pages and they have only been formatting edits. There has been no new content added yet.
I hope wikispace continues to be as interactive as it is right now, well into the final weeks of school.

Dec. 7: There have been some annoying experiences with this wiki, what with some students insisting on changing aspects of my page that I do not wish to be changed. However, this can easily be remedied and does not deter me from enjoying the fact that we can all help each other out.
I am still not happy with some of the editing issues wikispaces has shown because it makes the wiki frusrating to use. However, it is still one of the easiest websites to use. One thing that would be more fun is to be allowed to use colour on our wikispaces, just for a more unique look.
I especially liked the idea that I helped someone with their test prep because I posted some chapter notes. This allows me to feel like I really am a part of a community. Also, I enjoyed helping friends with their wikis, as well as being able to see what other people were interested in. I am looking forward to more experiences with wikispace when I take CCT205 next semester.