1. When first encountering wiki at the beginning of the course.
This is my first time using wiki and i found it very confusing. There are a lot of information and it seems kind of hard to organize the information. It was a very new expeirence to me since i don't normally post stuffs online for courses, and I was having a bit of trouble on the idea of changing or adding on people's works. However, i found that the collaborative learning environment very helpful, because people just contribute important information from the textbook and at the same time learning from everyone else. In a sense, it makes learning environment more vivid and interactive.
I expect that by the end of this term I could learn more stuffs aside from the textbook, since there are many people contributing ideas that are beyond textbook.

2. Think about the following and answer to the best of your ability:
I look at the topics and pick the ones that interest me, read them, and go do a bit of research on them, and add stuffs into it. I thought the idea of adding/changing other people's work was a bit uncomfortable, since I don't think I would be very comfortable if someone just changed my entire idea. Also, people have different styles of writing, adding one stuffs or changing could lead to chaos, and make an essay less organized. I think if people want to change or add stuffs, they should consider it as necessary before they make any changes.

3. After getting more familiar with wiki with the project and some postings, I found wiki is a quite useful tool when it comes to learning. It's like a team work, people work on different topics and post different things, and we can all learn from each other. I found it very interesting in this perspective, and it certainly is more interactive than any other learning tools that I have ever used in the past. It is especially useful when preparing for exams. I found myself having trouble to understand some concepts, and that the textbook did not help me to understand it, so I look up at the table of content, and someone did a page on that concept. That person explained the whole concept and I had a deeper understanding of the concept.

There is one change that I would like to suggest. As I was working on my group project, I found that 2 people cannot work on the same page at the same time, otherwise the website will ask you if you want to overwrite or work on the new draft that the other one had saved. I found that very annoying and for some reasons it constantly erased my edits. That was very frustrating, but other than that it seems okay. I don't know how they can improve on this though, but I hope that they could try to come up with a solution or at least know that such problem exists.


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  2. December 4, 2006. Add some content in Facebook.
  3. December 8, 2006. Change the table of content to add a new page called Team Work.
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