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Analysis and Reflection
When first encountering wiki at the beginning of the course, I find it awkward and yet interesting. I have never touched anything with wikispaces and hardly go on wikipedia too. After I attend the first two tutorial of this class I began to understand the concept of how this will work, if anyone changes your work in a bad manner you can always reverse it back and this save my concerns. Since I have touched on anything related to this work spaces, I expect myself to fully understand all the function this site allow us to do and also play around with it to make it a interest course related webpage. Now I constantly go into new link and read over the information which will benefits me and allow me to give in my knowledge of this topic, therefore building a community in this weird world.
I choose to go into topic that I am not familiar with and topics that sounded interesting or never heard of, so I can read the info on it and gained the knowledge of others. After understand the steps to manipulated the linked pages on this wikispaces, I find it adding, editing or re-arranging other people’s work to become better and in a more organized formats, it is really interesting. Normally after I added any info, I would tell whoever who is sitting next to me and showed them my added work and ask them what they think of it. In addition, I added a new link in the table of contents which makes me feel I am part of this community and I had made contributions. Also, looking at the changes people made to becomes better, it does make me feel that posting on here it’s not like I am alone on an island like people do come in and read what I write about this topic. It is really cool.
My views have changed in regards to collaborative learning because I never thought that collaborative works would work at all. I thought that people would not respect each other's contributions and delete whenever they desire just because they were the 'original author'. I like the idea of the wiki environment because I was able to learn alot from other people's pages. Improvements that I have to share about wiki is that the pages can be more consistent as to style wise. Also, some topics are too broad. But overall, sometimes when I'm confused of some topics, it is quicker for me just to open up wiki and search for relevant contents. Overall, working on this wiki has been a positive experience for me and I hoped that other courses will continue using this type of learning environment.