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Imagining the Audience in a Wired World

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This Wikispace evolves as students post content relating to topics of interest in CCT333, a user-centered interactive design coursein the Communication Culture and Information Technology program offered jointly between University of Toronto - Mississaugaand Sheridan College Insititute of Technology and Advanced Learning .

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Official Class Description

All forms of cultural and media expressionare created for imagined audiences. The nature and role of audiences will be explored across multiple media. Broadcast models,interactivemodels,live audience,audience reading, gender, culture, and audience feedback are explored. How do we define our audience in a wired world?

Main Text: Benyon, D., Turner,P., Turner, S (2005). Designing Interactive Systems
Instructors: Prof. Michael Jones David Gelb

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November 28, 2006
  • In an attempt to organize this wiki so the most important things are most easily accessed, I have moved all older News and Announcements to a different page. If you would like to see those announcements, visit: Older News and Updates
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November 23, 2006
  • Our final test is quickly approaching, but luckily, someone was kind enough to start a wiki page to help us all study. Please check out and contribute to the Final Test Help page!
  • Also when driving in Paris, use your mobile phone to find a parking about it!

November 19, 2006
  • A piece of 'technology' thats amazed me for a while, since I saw it on the shopping network! Designed originally by MIT - what a nice Christmas gift for your mom. Its one of those vacuums that cleans all by itself...
  • If your bored, why not contribute to this amazing wikipage.....

November 18, 2006
  • Oh my god.. EVERYONE READ THIS ARTICLE! It totally blew my mind! Supposedly scientists are working towards developing a ROLL-UP COMPUTER! I'm sure there are some of you who know about this already but I just felt like sharing. It's so cool! Also look it up on Google Images ;)

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