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Analysis & Reflection

Oct. 10

The wikispace has been a great learning experience for me. When I first logged onto the wiki site I found that it mirrored the course outline. Some of my fellow CCIT classmates were adding material that Professor Jone suggested we should concentrate on for Assisgnment one. This is were my first contributions came from as I added my topical. I found this topic quite interesting as it affects our futures and as I wrote about it I found myself wanting to learn more..I used a couple of sources for the page I wrote giving proper referencing to those who wrote them. At this point I was hooked on the wiki space. I had a few questions about how to add and edit some of the pages on the site and friends in the class were able to help me. I quickly realized that creating and maintaining the wiki site was very easy and fun to do. I took the opportunity to read what my fellow classmates had written making small changes to grammatical errors while adding some material that they had not included on the page.

Nov. 16
When I decide to change or add information, I do that based on topics that I have knowledge in, or based on topics that interest me. The great aspect of wikispaces is that any student in this class can add anything they want, and edit the whole space. It is a great opportunity for us to add information on a particular topic that another student had missed. That is the way for community building, to share our knowledge with the class. To edit and re-arrange other students' work keeps the space clean and free of errors, which I think is great. For example, in the "Hierarchy of Media Genres" section, students have been getting rid of unnecessary arrows and bullet points that cluttered the page. The page now looks organized and clean. I trust this class to continue adding and editing this space, including my own postings, that I find it unnecessary to check on a regular basis for alterations done to my postings. I've had a few errors corrected for me and posts rearranged, and I think its great that other students have done that because this whole space belongs to the whole class.

I think collaborative learning encompasses an array of shared information, whether it is academic content or content that is purely for fun and personal interests. Based upon the experience using workspace, suggestions that I would make for possible improvements in the future use of wikis as a collaborative learning tool would be aimed towards making the use of wikis more efficient. For example, using wikis as a group work tool, I think it would be more effective to have users hand in a paper copy of their work in tandem with posting other items on the wiki to encourage them to avoid doing last minute posts on wikispaces. Sometimes, students have some questions on concept or idea covered in class but unclear about. With the convenience of the wiki, they are able to go onto wiki and find clarification, as well as to simply post a discussion or announcement that would be responded to within a day or two. This is a very important aspect of wiki because by asking another student a question and exchanging valuable information each other, the understanding of the course and related knowledge are being reinforced. Another aspect of wiki I really enjoyed was how everyone was able to access their peers' work in progress. Especially during the process of completing our Technology Redesign Project, to be able to see what other groups are doing not only creates a more interactive environment between students, but also encourage inspiring innovative idea and solutions.