Sept 19th - Joined Wikispaces
Oct. 20 - Made memory page and added it to the table of contents.
Nov. 4 - Added working memory, long-term memory, remembering and references info to memory page Also added the table of contents and anchors. Added the Technology section to the PACT page.
Nov. 5 - Added information to activity section of the PACT page.
Nov. 7 - added some information to the colour page.
Dec. 7 - added types of e-commerce to the e-commerce page.
Dec. 8 - added techniques to improve memory to the memory page and some final editing including citing.
- added principles of web 2.0 to the Web 2.0 page


When I first encountered wiki at the beginning of the course I was surprised that something like this even existed. I thought it was really interesting how everyone could contribute to anything they wanted to. This would allow different points of view to be contributed and I think having different points of view helps you learn things more thorougly. Also, if any information is wrong, other people can edit it. Having so many authors and editors ensures that the information posted is accurate and up to date. My expectations of myself is to contribute more to the course. This allows people who are shy to contribute, such as myself and I think this is a great thing to use. I have not used wiki in any other courses so this is definitely a learning experience for me.

The topics I choose to contribute to are the ones I find interesting or ones that seem unfinished. I only change infromation if I know for sure that the information is inaccurate by doing some extra research on the topic. I tdon't have any problem with people adding, editing or re-arranging other people's work. This would be the only way that this space could improve. People do not know everything about a topic and other people can contribute what the person forgot to add. I do have a problem with people deleting other people's work because they feel that the topic they started is theirs only. I do check my own postings from time to time to see what people have changed and I haven't had too many problems. There was only one incident where someone deleted my work from a topic and I thought it was very immature of them. People spend time writing out this information and I don't think other people have the right to delete it. Other than that, the stuff people edit has been understandable on my part and I think its great that people are reading my stuff and editing it. Hopefully they learn a thing or two and it ensures that my information is accurate.

Now that I have some experience with wikispaces, I can agree with my attitudes at the beginning of the semester and confirm that my expectations have been fulfilled. This technology allowed everyone in the class to participate regardless of how shy a student is. Furthermore, this allowed more for more information to be shared because everyone had to contribute which increase the amount of knowledge availble to be put on the space. Is also allowed for more accurate information because people can edit other people's work and peer edit at the same time. With such a wide range of topics discussed in relation to design, a content rich environment resulted. Since everyone is able to edit the space some conflicts do arise. One problem is when two people are editing a page at the same time, the person who saves second will overwrite the stuff that the first person contributed. In order to avoid this, I think that only one person should be allowed to edit a page at a time. Secondly, the fact that some people delete other people's work. The idea is that this is an open learning environment and no one should feel like they have the authority to delete some one else's work with the exception that the information is inaccurate. Overall, I would definitely use wikispaces in the future, however, I am not too sure about using it as something students should be assessed on, for the reason that no one owns a whole page. Therefore, we should get a collective mark.