Textbook Summary


Chapter 1: Introduction to interactive design, design goals and principles
Chapter 2: PACT
Chapter 3: Principles and practice of interative design

Understanding the Users

Chapter 5 and 15: Cognitive Psychology
Chapter 6: Simple User Interaction
Chapter 7: Complex User Interaction: Embodied, Situated, Distributed, Activity

Contextual Design Process

Chapter 18: The Contextual Interview and Working Modelling
Chapter 19: Contextual Design

Iterative Design

Chapter 8: Types of Scenarios
Chapter 9: Requirement (MoSCoW)
Chapter 11: Prototyping
Chapter 12: Evaluation
Chapter 21: Further Evaluation

Special Topics

Chapter 29: CSCW: Computer Supported Collaborative Working
Chapter 30: Technology For Supporting Cooperation

Final Test Study Notes

Final Test Study Notes


Lab - 10/24/06