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My Analysis

October 24, 2006

I have never had the experience to use wikispaces. This is the first time for me to actually see and learn what wikipaces is all about, and what can actually be done on the webpage.

I find it amazing to learn that there is a webpage that can be edited by anyone who wishes to change something. I find this collaborative learning environment very interesting, yet very useful. We can all learn from each other, and we can also fix each other’s mistakes.

When I used the CCIT333’s Wikispaces for the first time last month, I had no clue what I was doing and where I was going. I felt as if I was in Grade 8, learning how to use a computer again and how to operate a website. I just recently learned how to make my own new analysis page with my name as the title.

This seems like a challenge for me, but I am learning something new and exciting. My expectation from Wikispaces by the end of December is to become an expert in using and operating this webpage. I hope to learn a lot this semester, so that maybe in the future I can be teaching someone else how to use Wikispaces.

November 13, 2006

When I want to edit a page from the course related terms, I definitely like to edit on topics that interest me and I want to know more about. I haven’t yet made any edits or changes in anyone’s work yet, but I do hope to do so soon.

As I visit wikispaces, I try to notice for any small errors or misspelled words. I also like to go to the frequently asked questions incase I know the answer to someone’s question. I find that page very interesting because sometimes I get the answer to my questions.

To make the web page look neat and beautiful overall, I try to search for things that I find could need some editing and changing.

When I noticed that my work had major changes completed by another student, I felt angry but also very pleased. When I gave that page a good look, I noticed that the student added headings for my paragraphs. The student also added some other important information about my topic. As I was in the process of searching for more information about my topic, I now feel that it is not necessary for any other information. Overall, I do agree that my page now looks neater and captivating then before.

December 8, 2006
I had an excellent time working with wikispaces, and participating in the collaborative learning. I learned a lot about wikispaces, and my views changed from september. It was excellent challenge for me to learn more about wikispaces. I did learn a lot of new and exciting things this semester. As I found myself editing other people's work, I was learning a lot of new terms and definitions that I would have never learned otherwise.
If I could change something about Wikispaces, it would be that I would add a "My Grades" Section, where students have access to all their grades for the semester.
I thought wikispaces is very interesting that we can add links and pictures from anywhere and make this site as beautiful as possible. This course has been the best course this semster. First, we did'nt use Vista. Second, we are in a collobrative learning environment, where we learn from each other, add anything we like to our course website, and ask any questions we like. Vista does not allow those features.