• Nov 1 06 - made my research methods link into a page with more information and examples because the project deadline is closer and it would be helfpul to know what methods are useful for certain outcomes.
  • Nov 12 06 - added to section on scenarios for helful FAQ's.
  • Nov 21 Created page on Limewire
  • Nov 22 added more to Limewire page




Question #1:

(oct 10 06) I have never used wikispaces for a class or for personal use before. At first i was a little intimidated about contributing to the space- i wasn't sure what stuff would be considered important and what stuff may seem irrelevant. I was also unsure of how to actually edit a page. But after going through it over the past couple weeks, it seems like it could be quite helpful and interesting to build upon this network. I cannot contribute because of past experience as most people in this class probably can, however i will be able to contribute by adding links and posting links to sites and places on the internet that I am use to interacting with and that i think are also growing communities and social networks.

(oct 17 06) I tried to navigate thorugh this site and figure out how things worked because i felt confused and could not find some of the things i had posted because I think i did them wrong :)

(nov 1 06) After posting my first page on Blackberry's, I see how easy and efficient it is to keep editing and adding to pages beacuse there is so much information available to us, on practically every and any topic, that our knowledge is constantly expanding. it is way more efficient for numerous people to add to the information because it gives more room to find out the important stuff and and filter out the irrelevant info that the original creator may not have been able to notice.

Question #2:

(nov 20 06) How do you choose which postings to contribute or change?
The way i go about choosing which postings to contribute and change to are just by browsing through the pages and seeing what features would make the pages more effective and user friendly.

What are your thoughts on adding, editing or re-arranging other people's work?
I think adding to a persons page and work can be beneficial to the wikispace but there is always the risk of over-writing and taking out information that you may think is important and other people may not think is important or vise versa.

Do you regularly check your own postings for alterations? Has anyone changed your work and how have you felt about it?
I do check my work quite regularly and there have been a couple changes, especially to my blackberry page with added links. A table of contents was added to the page which helped with the organization so i was happy about that add. So far i have not noticed any edits on my pages that i think were unnecessary or bad- i think they actually helped and enhanced the usefulness of the pages.

Question #3:

(Dec 7, 06) Final Reflection:
Throughout this course, and with increased learning and exposure to wikispaces, I have finally come to realize the growing popularity of collaborative learning environments and why they have become such a fad. The constructivist philosophy of students being able to contribute and enhance their learning experience while spreading knowledge is actually quite modern and beneficial. I never realized the extent to which collaborative learning could be fostered- in fact for a long time i did not realize that was a collaborative space. The opportuntiy and autonomy of the individual is at it's peak with the creation and development of the web and wikispaces enables growth. I think the amount of knowledge and information that is out there is impossible to be reached and transmitted with only one person- or a small group of people so the availability of a space like wikispaces ensures the greatest amount of information is collected for deepest understanding. My only concern lies in the reliability of the sources and information that is added and updated on each page- it can sometimes be misleading and hard to determine which information is accurate and which is maybe misconstrued or misunderstood. However, the overall concept of wikispaces is helpful and i can see it being very sucessful.