Community Building and Maintenance
Oct 14
Oct 28
  • Reorganized the table of content by placing the CRFE radio topic under the Radio heading
  • Bolded all the links in the table of content and made any necessary bullet formats to some links
Nov 2
Nov 21
  • Fixed up the aesthetics and updated significant sections for the group assignment: Sit Rite
Nov 24
  • Made some grammatical changes and contributed some thoughts on Facebook
  • Added a table of content and made aesthetic changes (bold titles etc) to Limewire
  • Removed the external MoSCoW link and added information to the space within wikispace.
  • Created a Meta Tags page and added information on what it is and how it works
Dec 2
Oct 24-Nov 28
Dec 4
Oct 22
  • Created a new page for Ipod Nano and contributed a large amount of information on the product
Oct 28
Oct 30
Nov 2
Nov 28

Oct 14
1. Being this is my second year with knowledge of what a wikispace is, the entire process have come alot easier. I no longer have trouble figuring out the technical features that the wikispace offers. This gives me alot more time to research my topic ideas and contribute in more creative ways than i have in the past. The collaborative learning environment on wikispace provides a unique way of learning. Users (students) are constantly contributing information and the more students who do, the larger the database of information will get. With that being said, I am no longer intimidated by the idea by a wikispace. Knowing the features gives me the capabilities to explore and experiment like i've never done before. On wikispace that is. Last year when i used it I was more methodical in my contributions fearing i would step on some toes if i "trepassed" into someone elses' territory. This time around I know better. Having had people "trepass" my freshly trimmed garden I've decided to take it upon myself to do the same, but with muddier feet. Knowing the results will not be any less positive but will open light to new ideas for everyone on this space.

Nov 14
2. My decisions on contributing to a page with my post is a preference of interest. Upon visiting a page I decide whether or not the topic at hand is of interest to me. I usually click on the table of content and then quickly scroll up and down to see if any of the listed titles catch my eye. If i scroll too fast then i might slow it down. My second step would to scroll to a particular letter i feel has the most potential for great topics. This process is difficult because I have no idea how i choose the letters. They just randomly hit me each time i visit. As much as i would like to visit every last page that is created by these fine people, there are three things to prevent me from doing so. One, there are too many pages and the constant maintenance and contribution that the rest of my peers provide is too abundant to keep up with. Two, there are alot of pages that do not interest me by the least and having looked at some of those pages, there are alot of content (which is probably amazing stuff) but i can't bring myself to be interested in them. Three, I just don't want to. No offense, but seriously there are just too many pages floating around.
My initial experience with wikispace was intimidating and the idea of changing another individuals work felt confrontational. I've learned that nobody should fear expressing their knowledge, especially on such a space. On my second time try on Wikispace i've been alittle more agressive in taking initiatives to edit pages that may not really have much content on it to begin with, instead of waiting for more people to contribute. I've tried to contribute to pages as much as possible either by simply grammatical edits or posting a picture i feel will enhance the learning experience. The whole process of editing other peoples' work has become almost natural and i no longer have the worries of someone being upset about me taking over a page or even someone erasing my work because I know i can always go back and repost it or simply complain about it.
I try to check on my main pages on a regular basis, but I usually only check on it when I have something to contribute to it. So far there hasn't really been many changes to my main pages but there are huge contributions to some pages which i simply created a page for and left there for others to add information. There has been several great looking pages that has stem from me simply taking the iniative to create a topic. Overall, I don't mind people changing my page information but only if it's constructive changes and not random vandalism.

Dec 7
3. Throughout the semester, my interest has only heightened and my contribution increased. I grew alot more familar with wikispace and contributing information slowly became second nature. It slowly got to a point where I would be online simply surfing the web, get bored and log onto wikispace to check on updates. Everyone seem to have contributed a great amount of information and in doing so created an abundant of relevant course information. Although I am only familar with the wikispace for a couple of courses, I've noticed that it could be further enhanced with a video feature (as i may have mentioned on the test). Instead of having to link videos via Youtube, you can simply upload videos from your hard drive onto the space. This could provide a different dynamic to the learning environment, and one i think would be alot more interesting and fun. As usual, the wikispace always seem to come in handy during test periods when other students are nice enough to take time out of their study schedule and post up summaries or in depth notes about lectures and the textbook. This is definitely one of the most beneficial aspects of wikispace for a course, especially this one, for me. Overall, it was once again a unique and interesting experience with wikispace and again it was weird telling people (not from this school) what the hell a wikispace was.