Volunteer in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing

I am Diwei Li. I plan to apply for volunteer in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Check the following websites if you are interested. Please be noted that both websites are in Chinese.
Volunteer <http://volunteers.beijing2008.com/>
How to become a volunteer <http://www.beijing2008.com/06/85/column212038506.shtml>
FAQ of volunteer <http://www.beijing2008.com/38/60/article212036038.shtml>

The requirement of volunteers:
  1. Be volunteer to serve for the Olympic Games
  2. Born before June 30, 1990. Healthy.
  3. Obey laws and regulations in China.
  4. Be able to participate the volunteer trainings before the Olympic Games.
  5. Be able to serve at least 7 days (or more) consequently in Beijing during the games.
  6. If your mother tongue is Chinese (Mandarin), you need to have basic communication skills in English. If your mother tongue is not Chinese (Mandarin), you need to have basic communication skills in Chinese (Mandarin).
  7. Have professional skills to fulfill your responsibility as a volunteer.

The application for non-Chinese residents starts from March 2007. If you want to exchange information with me, please email or MSN at dwli(at sign)excite.com. Thank you!

Your comments:
.Q- I believe this is an amazing opportunity to not only experience an event that is truly once in a life time experience but also you can witness the force of globalization. If I get the chance I would love to participate in such an event because it allows you to step out of your comfort shell and dive into a world of unpredicatable excitement on a daily basis. One can learn a great deal by participating in such an event and i have two question, the first is: is the trip funded by an government organization or do we have to pay for it ourselves? and the second is: is the travel accomidations (ie where we will stay, eat, etc) booked for us in advance or do we have to book it ourselves?
A- 1. It is not funded so you have to pay for the trip by yourself. I plan to treat it as a graduation trip so I will go to somewhere else after the Olympic Games. I always want to go to Tibet via the railway. To travel more places in China will make me believe that I make more use of the expensive flight ticket.
2. You have to book your lodging by yourself. It is not difficult. There are many hostels in Beijing. You can find their ratings here www.hostels.com/en/cn.be.html. I believe that the Olympic Committee will recommend you where to stay. But no matter what, you may need to book early because there will be a lot of tourists and visitors flood in the city by that time.
3. The Olympic Committee will give you traval expense within Beijing city during the games. I believe you could get a free lunch from the committee. Even if you have to pay, food is not expensive in China. You can buy a decent lunch box at Ca$2~3.
4. Consult with your family doctor or any walk-in clinics about vaccines. I had some (2?) vaccines before my trip to China two years ago. They are not covered by the OHIP (e.g. I paied $40 for Hepatitis A? - can't remember the exact amount). - dli dli