Sept 19,2006.
Had first cct333 class and was the first time I heard about wikispaces. The thought of what had to be covered in this class made me nervous and I began to question whether I should drop the course or not. Well, I will see how it goes and then make my decision. Right now my feelings about this collaboritive learning enviroment are mixed. Well maybe not really. I think its a good idea to gather as much knowledge as possible on a wide range of topics, similar to wikipedia. But on the other hand I am a bit nervous about it because, I feel like my in doing my part I won't contribute as much as I should. But I think I can contribute something to the group, there are many things I am interested in and I think I am going to create pages on some of my interests.

Sept 26,2006
Next week the first major assignment is due, Im really hoping to due well. It seems like a good assignment but you can never know with these things for shure. Ohh yeah I have to remeber to add some stuff to wikispaces. In adding thigns to wiki I basically choose by trying to find things which interests me. I think this is really important because the best work always comes from things in which you are passionate about. I don't really mind altering other peoples work becuase not one person knows everything so it could be somethings which somebody missed out in there posting. About people adding to my work I love it becuase it lets me know people are interested in the stuff I posted.

October 21, 2006
I got the first assignment back, really disapointed, but know I will do better on the second. The idea we have is great cant wait to see it all come together.My thoughts on wiki have really changed, its really easy to use, I just wish I came one more to do more to do more things.

November 6, 2006
I've been working on the assignment, its pretty challenging but its sorta fun, doing the observations in the subway wasnt as bad as I thought. I really need to work the page I created to make it good. Rite now I am a bit confused of well not confused about taking this course on the whole though but time willl tell.

November 9, 2006
I updated the F1 Racing CCT333 page I created. There is only a few more things I would like to add since the season is over. Hopefully I will do that soon.

December 6, 2006
The course is finally over. Im pretty happy about that because I was getting sort of tired of school at the moment. Our project which we had in the course went pretty well and I was really happy about that. It was such an interesting concept and my group did a great job in bringing it to reality. And using wikispaces to have the content online was great. I can't wait to get the marks back. On another note we had the final test, it was so hard. Im really hoping for the best on that. My views on the collaborative learning enviroment havent really changed since using the site. If you only look at the tons of information posted on the website you can see how this site has been a success for the entire class. There are however some suggestions which I think could be done in the future. I think that this website shouldn't be worth so much because people don't have time to regularly add stuff to this and that can be seen in the drop off of additions during the middle part of the semester.


Sept. 20, 2006
Created F1 Racing CCT333

Nov. 9, 2006
Listed F1 Racing CCT 333 in the Navigation Bar and linked it to the page.Updated championship information.

Dec. 8, 2006
Linked all of my group memebers names in the group projects page to there personal webpages.
Created a page on knowledge in the head and in the world.