Major Contributions

* Various links created within articles to topics related to those above

Analysis & Reflection

1. When first encountering wiki at the beginning of the course.
  • What do you think/feel about this collaborative learning environment?
* What are your expectations for yourself ?
  • If you have previously used wiki in another course, then describe what you have previously learned and how you want expand your understanding.
* What can you contribute as an experienced participant?

I am looking forward to taking part in the collaboraive learning experience Wikispaces provides this semester. I have previously used Wikispaces in CCT 205 last year. I found it to be an enjoyable and valuable experience. I find it interesting to see what topics others are compelled to post on, and how these articles evolve through the collaborative input of many. Having already used Wikispaces, I am familiar with the community maintenance and continual contribution the assignment requires. It is important to maintain the structure of the space in order to make it coherent and usable. Also, it is important to respect the work of others. While collaborative editing is one of the main purposes of a Wiki, it is important that one does not disregard the work and opinions of others. Lack of proper references, and blatant copying from Wikipedia, were the main problems I found with the CCT 205 wiki last semester. As an experienced user I hope to contribute articles in a scholarly manner with proper citations. Hopefully this will offer a proper example for new Wikispace users to follow. I also plan to keep my references from Wikipedia to a minimum, as I feel copying information from a wiki to another wiki is rather redundant. This is a class wiki after all and the information should be specialized to our course. This semester I hope to expand my understanding of Wikispaces by integrating more features into my articles such as anchors, embedded media, and images.

2. Think about the following and answer to the best of your ability:

  • How do you choose which postings to contribute or change?
* What are your thoughts on adding, editing or re-arranging other people's work?
  • Do you regularly check your own postings for alterations? Has anyone changed your work and how have you felt about it?

I choose the topics I post on, and the pages I wish to edit, based on my interest in the topic/article. Working in a space with such a large selection of people with diverse interests and tastes, it is easy to find something you'd like to learn more about or comment upon. This is my approach to posting on the wikis. On the CCT 333 wiki I find myself looking into technologies that I am unfamiliar with and commenting on those I am excited about. In choosing my own topics I have looked to my digital enterprise management courses for inspiration, mainly the interactive systems and design processes we have discussed in those courses. This is why I have decided to post on the business information systems development cycle and into other technology-based business strategies such as customer relationship management.
I am comfortable with the idea of collaborative work and peer editing. I really like to write and edit, and find that I can really strengthen a written work with a quick read-over. While working on the wiki I tend not to edit others' work heavily. It is by their personal thoughts and effort that the ideas are on the (web)page and I wouldn't feel right totally butchering a section or cutting out something they felt was important. I mostly edit for simple things like spelling, grammer, page layout and space maintenance. Also, I often add sources where I know one of relevance, or care to find one, because they can really add to an article's credibility (especially on the web). If a passage can be strengthened by a quick rewording I will do that sometimes too. However, I never edit to the extent that the original author's voice is diminished.
Since the pages I make are the ones I visit most I do often check them for edits. I think perhaps my topics are too drab to garner any interest but perhaps some of my peers in digital enterprise management will read them. I have been linking these articles, and the articles of others, to ones within the wiki that are related or of some relevance. This will promote interest in the articles by creating connections between them.

3. As a final reflection on your experience with the CCT333 wiki, look back and read your first entry.
  • Have your views changed in regards to collaborative learning while participating in this wiki?
* Are there any ideas, suggestions or comments you could share for possible improvements?
  • Things you thought were most productive or helpful about using wiki?

I enjoy collaborative work environments, based on my previous experience with them, and the CCT 333 wiki did not change this. I found the Wiki to be an invaluable tool throughout the course of our re-design project. Our team coordinated our work and delegated tasks almost entirely through the wiki. Considering the structure of the final project, the Wiki was extremely helpful in allowing each group member to contribute their part to each section individually, while remaining consistent with the work of others. Overall I really enjoyed the wiki's integration into the course project for this class. One thing I did notice about the 333 wiki was that the course topics were not as suited to collaboration as say, the topics in the 300 wiki. Many people wrote comprehensive articles on course topics that did not invite collaboration, myself included. This was not true for all topics but I think it says something about the types of topics that encourage collaborative work.