Analysis & Reflection

Analysis 1

When first encountering wiki at the beginning of the course:

1. what do you think/feel about this collaborative learning environment?

As a first time user, I found this as a quick and easy to use learning tool. I find that this is an excellent way to disseminate information that is up-to-date and easily accessible. Although, I did not know about this collaborative environment before, having to work with it thus far, I like the fact that it is not so formal and it is based on the opinions and knowledge of my fellow peers and if something is incorrect or needs improvement, anyone can freely edit the text, making information as accurate as possible. I also think it is a strong way to put forth your creative ideas and your opinions out there for others to observe and comment as to how they feel. With such collective thoughts, it not only helps all of us understand the course material better, but it takes us beyond the theoretical work and helps us relate it to what we do as users and how we function within our context. I feel that it is a great way for both students and instructors to communicate freely and to learn more from one another.

2. What are your expectations for yourself ?

I want to contribute as much valuable information for my peers as they do and as often. I plan to keep up-to-date with the information within our space and hope to offer as much as I can in order to facilitate the learning process.

3. If you have previously used wiki in another course, then describe what you have previously learned and how you want expand your understanding.

I am utilizing wikispaces for the first time. Although, I am aware of Wikipedia and its functions, which are similar to this environment, and have used that as a resourceful tool for research on various papers. Therefore, utilizing Wikispaces to its fullest will not be difficult.

4. What can you contribute as as experienced participant?
I have had experience participating in various discussion forums through several courses that I have taken so I am familiar with communicative environments like Wikispaces. I want to contribute as much valuable information as possible, thereby expanding knowledge in all aspects. In addition, I would like to provide feedback and share my opinions for others to reflect upon and help those who have any questions.

Analysis 2

Think about the following and answer to the best of your ability:

1. How do you choose which postings to contribute or change?

I read various postings and those that cover topics that I have learned before or that I’m familiar with, I make a contribution to those sections. Those postings that I am not familiar with, I also read them to learn something new.

2. What are your thoughts on adding, editing, or rearranging other people’s work?

I strongly feel that this is an excellent way to solve any discrepancies that may appear in a posting, which could range from grammatical and spelling errors to simply an error within the information itself. By being able to add, edit, and rearrange others’ work, it maintains accuracy and encourages people to participate in an active learning environment. I think that it enhances our learning capacity and enriches our mind to think beyond the course material.

3. Do you regularly check your own postings for alterations? Has anyone changed your work and how have you felt about it?

I consistently observe my postings and no one has made changes. However, if my peers wish to alter my work by adding to what I’ve done or correcting something I did wrong, I would be supportive to any sort of modifications. I would not want incorrect information to be posted or a posting that has technical errors. I would rather someone edit my work to maintain accuracy and not mislead anyone to learning something wrong.

Analysis 3

As a final reflection on your experience with the CCT333 wiki, look back and read your first entry:

1. Have your views changed in regards to collaborative learning while participating in this wiki?

I still feel that Wikispaces is a great tool for students to converse with one another by sharing ideas and concepts related to the course. I find that it helps us understand concepts and terms, which in turn helps us prepare for our final test and it is a good way to keep us on track in terms of when things are due, what is required from us in assignments and so forth. Therefore, my thoughts remain the same as the Wikispaces proves to be an effective tool for students to not only learn about the contents of the course, but also stay aligned with dates and other deliverables for this course.

2. Are there any ideas, suggestions or comments you could share for possible improvements?

The only suggestion I would make is that students should make a posting every Friday, for example, on any topic they want. That is, this would ensure that everyone participates at least once a week, week after week, instead of having to rush at the end to contribute to postings. I feel that this would ensure that everyone has contributed in some way, whether it is to technically edit a page, beautify it, or simply add content to it. Because it is rather difficult now to add and make sufficient contributions during finals and students will either ignore it, or try to make all their contributions on the last day.

3. Things you thought were most productive or helpful about using wiki?

As I have mentioned above, I feel that it is a great way for students to keep up-to-date with information pertaining to tests and assignments. I think that it is a good tool for us to inform one another, ask each other questions and build on our knowledge about everything to do with the course. Particularly, I like the fact that I can refer to the postings on the Table of Contents page to read on topics that may be covered on the test. I also like the fact that students can correct each other’s pages so that we are not misinformed; rather all information is kept accurate. In addition, I also like that for those pages that are lengthy, people have created a Table of Contents for that individual page (as someone as done it for the page I have created- ‘Prototyping’). It looks much better and increases the functionality of the page. Over all, I find that students can accomplish a lot within this collaborative environment.


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