Post any interesting links relevent to the course here:

  • Wikipedia - An online encyclopedia that not only allows users to look up information but to add and edit content as well. It's based on the same idea as wikispaces.
  • - This was mentioned in class. It's a site designed to discourage mouse-clicking.
  • - This site is interesting when you have nothing better to do, please do not go here during class because it is disrespectful.
  • Usernomic- This site contain a lot of material that we are learning in class. Topic such as user interface design, usability, human factors, egornomics, and etc.
  • EPIC 2014 - This clip of EPIC 2014 is very interesting. It about how google and amazon merge together to become googlezon.
  • CCIT CLUB- This site contain lot of information about ccit courses, career, and discussion board. Many ccit question can be answer from this website.
  • Internship Opportunities- This site contains information about internship opportunities in for CCIT students. Provides a lot of information on how to apply for intership.
  • Don Norman's JND Website - Don Norman's website which provides some useful information on the topic of design.
  • YouTube - The site allows you to view interesting videos from all the world.
  • Facebook - A good way to connect with other class mates and make new friends. Caution: Its slightly addicting!
  • Information Technology: A good book to read; written by Ricardo Reis
  • graphic:DESIGN:basics - This site contains lots of news and information about graphic design. Also, you can know about the latest books and competitions about graphic design.
  • ePresence Media Project: This link from KMDI explores the potentials for the new ePresence Media software, which is a virtual webcasting and lecture archiving system. With the system, users can view and publish presentations over the Internet, and attend lectures virtually via webcast. The new type of collaborative learning tool is somewhat similar to wiki on the aspect of knowledge generation perspectives. The core difference lies in the type of media used to deliver the content (text based vs. visual/videos based) and the the type of communication (asynchronous (Wiki) vs. synchronous based).
  • Wired: This is a link for anyone who is interested in learning about technologies that have just come out or will be comming out, it also rates certain products and compare them to others so you know which one is the best product to buy. It also has other content such as politics, culture etc.
  • Climatecrisis: This link provides you instructions on how an indivudual as yourself can do to reduce global warming, the types of technologies that are out there that you can use examples like different light bulbs etc. It also has a video clip of Al Gore's An inconvenient truth.
  • Interactive Annual 10: FTP + HP Ad Banner: You can send beautiful flowerw through the Web by using HP technologies. You will see awesome graphic design and the great idea of sending flowers. It is a good example of viral marketing campaign involving the send of flowers.