Analysis and Reflection

1. First encounter of Wiki
  • I think the collaborative environment of wikispaces is very interesting. I love the idea that people from around the world have the opportunity to contribute to someones work. However, I am worried that people will assume the information presented as fact, where it could be flawed. This site does create a community, but I dont think people should start using these spaces as sources for information in their scholarly work. Also related to this idea is that some people may take advantage of a site like this, such as contributing information that is incorrect. As long as users and contributors are aware of the disadvantages of the site, I think it is a very valuable source of community. Not only is information shared between people with similar interests, but they are able to connect to eachother on a certain level.
* I hope to submit content that is accurate and informative. I also hope to learn how to navigate and edit the site. It is my first time experiencing a community like this and I hope that it will be easy to learn.
  • I have taken many courses related to human factors engineering (ergonomics) and feel that I will not only be able to contribute to discussions but also learn from others as well.

2. Think about the following and answer to the best of your ability:
  • I will easily alter postings that I feel are in need of "help", such as with grammatical errors. I will add larger content if I know alot about the particular subject. I feel uncomfortable making additions to content that someone else may be more knowledgeable.
* I think it is easy to edit content, since it is somewhat anonymous. Posting what we have contributed to and changed on the 'anaylsis and reflections' page eliminates this. Some people may be offended if their information is edited, since they may think that they have the topic to themselves to report about.
  • I dont mind people editing my work, it would only be frustrating if I were currently researching information and someone else completed the topic before me. It is difficult to control which topic you can report on and how much information you can add.

3. As a final reflection on your experience with the CCT333 wiki, look back and read your first entry.
  • My views about the Wiki have not changed from my initial first impressions. I love the idea that people can edit and contribute to eachothers work, but it also becomes complicated as styles may begin to clash. When reading certain pages the content is not consistent because someone with a completely different style of organization and writing has added to it. I am not saying the one individual is better than the other either. However, the sense of community is very strong, and i think that a Wiki is a great idea for class participation. However, I would never use this as resource for any type of work I would do, say for a school project.
* I think the best improvement for a page like the one created for this class would allow for a type of acess control. If someone is working on a page, I think it should be made possible for that person to prohibit additions or edits to it until they are finished working on it. Although I did not experience any problems while creating pages, I would not be suprised if someone created a page and when they were able to add final pieces of information, find that someone has already finished it for them. I feel that this is counter-productive and the originator of the page worked a lot of material for no reason. On the other side of this argument is the fact that an individual could create a page and not finish it intentionally because they had a limited amount of knowledge about the topic.
  • I thought that the discussion sections of each individual page were very helpful. Any quesions that an individual would have about a specific topic could be located within the page in which it arose. I think this was a great way to further in the organization of information.

Contributions to Wiki:
  • Edited content on a page to make the sentence grammatical
  • Created the 'How to Edit Wiki' page and then made a link in the menu bar to the left
  • Contributed content to the 'YouTube' page within this wiki.
  • Edited content on the 'GOMS' page
  • Made additions to the benefits section on the 'Convergence' page.
  • Edit main page's organization
  • Created, edited and added main content to the 'CSCW' page.