Type in any FAQ's about the final test here.

1.Hi can we please know the format of the test, thank you
The general format will be a small set of multiple choice questions, a series of short answer questions and an essay, with grades distributed approximately 20/50/30%. This will be clarified as the date approaches. The MC questions might target specific facts - the others (so, most of the test) will reward your ability to understand and apply core concepts vs. simply regurgitating facts or words. So, in studying, you're advised not to simply cram definitions into your head, but understand the concepts in a way that you could apply them to any problem that you're given.
2.Will we have to know information from the textbook that was not discussed in the lectures?
It's safe to assume that if information in the text was never mentioned or addressed in lecture, it's not going to pop up on the test.
3. Will there be a study guide available for preparation for this test? [Since its the first and last test that we would be taking for this course, study reference would be extremely helpful]
The closest "Study Guide" would be the actual lectures notes because the lecture notes are a guide about what is important in the textbook. If you are referring to a more explicit guide, such as a list of topics and questions that we should know, then that is up to Mike Jones. (Prof. Note: As Mike Jones, I concur with the above. There will be a discussion of generic test-like questions the week before the test. Otherwise, the lecture notes is the closest thing you'll get. And, I'd encouage people to use the wiki to generate study notes - as noted in previous class wikis, it's a pretty useful function of this technology. - mlwjones mlwjones Nov 17, 2006)
4.Are there any past exams for us to review?
I'll bring in a couple of sample questions Tuesday (ones that won't be on this year's test of course...) There's not much beyond that - previous iterations of the course were taught by others so their exams, even if available somewhere, aren't going to be all that helpful. - mlwjones mlwjones Nov 26, 2006
5.How time do we have to write the exam?
The full lecture period from 3 to 5 .... got my days/courses turned around - dgelb dgelb Dec 4, 2006... soooo sorry.
6. 7 to 9pm? You mean 3 to 5pm right?
I sure hope so. :-) - mlwjones mlwjones Dec 4, 2006