Content Contributions:

1. September 21 2006- Began and provided majority of content Norman, Donald. A
2. September 23 2006- Began and provided majority of content to P.A.C.T (did not link to table of contents)
3. October 22 2006- Edited and contributed to Information Design
4. December 8 2006- Added majority of content to Public Sphere

Community Edits

1. September 21 2006- Added picture Norman, Donald. A
2. September 21 2006- Edited Design Process
3. September 21 2006- Edited Interaction Design
4. October 22 2006- Edited Graphical User Interface
5. October 22 2006- Edited HCI (Human Computer Interaction)
6. October 22 2006- Edited Memorability
7. October 31 2006- Edited Radio
8. November 3 2006- Edited grammatical errors, changed font size of headings and added horizontal lines Color
9. November 3 2006- Edited grammatical errors and changed heading Skype
10. November 6 2006- Edited grammatical errors, added heading and ruler line Conceptual Model
11. November 6 2006- Edited grammatical errors Data Mining
12. November 6 2006- Added heading, horizontal line and three additonal links Information Design
13. November 6 2006- Edited grammatical errors, added heading, horizontal line and link to convergence page Efficiency
14. November 6 2006- Added heading Anthropometrics
15. November 7 2006- Edited grammatical errors Car Fascination
16. November 7 2006- Added horizontal lines Convergence
17. November 9 2006- Edited sources Chindogu
18. November 9 2006- Added heading and horizontal line Arpanet
19. November 9 2006- Edited grammatical errors, added horizontal line Information Design
20. November 13 2006- Edited grammatical errors, added horizontal line and heading Digital Divide
21. November 13 2006- Added horizontal line Government Testing of Usability and Safety
22. November 13 2006- Edited grammatical errors Pay by Touch
23. November 13 2006- Edited grammatical errors Online Gambling
24. November 13 2006- Added heading and horizontal line Network
25. November 13 2006- Edited grammatical errors Design concept
26. November 13 2006- Added citation Yfly
27. November 13 2006- Edited grammatical errors E-Commerce
28. November 13 2006- Edited grammatical errors Virtual Reality

Analysis and Reflection

Question One:

The CCT333 wiki is a great idea. It allows the entire class to work as a group and help each other out.This semester I have very high expectations in regards to my contributions towards the wiki. I feel I have become more familar with the functions of the wiki such as adding external links, edited pages, adding pictures etc all of which will enable me to contribute on a greater scale. Last year, I was member of the CCT205 wikispace. Then my confidence and knowledge of wikispaces was very minimal. Regretfully I did not contribute to the CCT205 wikispace as much as I would have liked to or should have.Since last year I have learned a great deal about wikispaces, primarily through spending more time with it and with assistance of my classmates. This year I plan to thoroughily research my 500-700 word contributions, properly document all my sources, as well as add as many external links as I possibly can. The written content of wiki is a fundamental aspect, but I feel the visual appearance of the wiki is also important. With this in mind, I will also attempt to organize pages but adding pictures, horizontal lines, headings, and changing fonts where necessary.

Question Two:

Generally when it comes to deciding which posts to edit I just simply look at the table of contents and pick one at random. After clicking on the post I read the entire post over and then go and edit it. If a post seems to be well edited for grammatical errors, I check if any images, or external links can be added. I then proceed to look for links and images and add them to the post. Frequently I find many of the posts are well edited in regards to grammatical errors, because of this I've found myself lately contributing more towards the visual aspects i.e images, horizontal lines, titles etc.

Posting is a different story. If I am adding content to a post I usually like to look for a topic that I am very interested in, or have some sort of prior knowledge about. If I am beginning an entirely new post I like to flip through old ccit text books for ideas. I find these books great sources of information as they have a variety of topics to choose from and are easy to cite.

When it comes to adding, editing or re-arranging others people's work I always try to avoid deleting someone's original content. Personally I feel if someone took the time to post content it has the right to stay up there. In certain cases where it is necessary to delete another student's work I try my best to keep as much of the original content. Overall I think adding is a great idea as it allows students the ability to add their own views and perspectives on a particular topic, it also allows for pages to look more visually appealing.

Sometimes, not very often I'll go and check my own postings for edits.Luckily I haven't come across a situation where my work has been completely deleted. I know if I ever did encounter a situation where my work was deleted I wouldn't be too happy because contributing to the wiki involves time and effort which can't really be acknowledged if it's deleted.

Question Three:

One challenge I encountered while working on the CCT333 course wiki was re-familiarizing myself with how the wiki works. I remember towards the beginning of the course I wrote a small piece on PACT. Unfortunately I didn’t link my work to the table of contents, and before I knew it someone else had already written on that topic. For future reference I know now to double check my postings and ensure that they are properly linked to the table of contents page. Another problem I encountered was selecting topics to write about. This wiki seemed a little different in comparison to the other wikis I have worked on. I found that the topics posted in the table of contents were heavily academically oriented, leaving little room for students to write about non-academic topics which seem more interesting.

An advantage to participating in the wiki would have to be the research aspect. As stated before I generally like to flip through old ccit text books when looking for ideas/topics. Luckily I came across a text book from second year which proved to be a great help. Not only did the book provide me with content to discuss, but it also allowed me to re-familiarize myself with content learned in a previous course.

What worked really well in the course was the group redesign project. My group decided to redesign the Sheridan- UTM bus schedule which I thought was a great idea as it we had experienced problems with the schedule first hand and are also aware that it impacts a majority of our classmates. The research portion involved in the group project also worked well. I especially took advantage of this and produced some graphs based on statistics my group collected, which turned out really well in the end. Another aspect of the course which worked well was the feedback and weekly marking (which seemed like weekly) from the professor and the teaching assistant. This was extremely useful as it showed groups areas of improvement, and decreased the amount of slacking off which is common with group work.