Congratulations everyone! The course is over and now here's your chance to talk about how you liked the course. You can mention any comments or suggestions, and remember, this counts towards your community building so don't be shy!

I personally thought that this course was rather interesting although while studying for the exam, my head was spinning. I found the exam a little confusing but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting and hey, you really can't complain, it was only one test. I just hope I get a good mark, but overall I enjoyed the course and hopefully Jones will be bell-curving the class ;).

I liked that class. I thought it was pretty similar to the second half of CCT204 but I guess it kind of helped since I was familiar with some of the course content already. I also liked the emphasis of assignments over tests and how every assignment was totally different from the last.

It was a very comprehensive course on design indeed - but not so much "design" as the behind-the-scenes of design: study processes. That is what sets this aside from CCT204. They each touch on much of the same basics, but they then proceed to dig into different specific topics. The case studies presented were insightful and were connected with the presented concepts very well. This was my first time being an active member of any wiki whatsoever... so that was interesting, to say the least. As soon as I got the swing of things though, I warmed up to it; I quite enjoy it now. The class encourages individual thought and creativity, which is spot-on for the study of design. -Jeremy Fernie

I personally found the course to be a very fulfilling experience and I enjoyed the collaborative effort and insight gathered in design procedures especially in our group assignments, that we touched on all the various facets of design in the course of doing it granted me greater insight and knowledge about the course.I had an uneasy start to the course bu it has grown to be an experience to remember.-lade

This course was definitely a lot of fun and interactive. Most professors kill courses by making everything not fun. This also has been my first course at Sheridan College and first time working with Wikis. Through this course I have been able to learn to analyze technologies and design models. It really gets you thinking and I liked the group project as it was like you were actually a part of a company creating a new design! - Bwoodstar

I really enjoyed the redesign project. It covered all the basic guideline of an acutal product redesign. I found the wiki was extremely helpful when studying for the test, all the chapter review notes were posted which helped all the members of our class space.

I really enjoyed being a part of this course. It provdided me with a learning experience in a fun and enjoyable way. I really appreciated the way Professor Jones and Gelb had divided the breakdown of our marks into many small assignments worth 5%, in that way we were never stressed for time and therefore got some quality work done. I would also like to thanks all those student who posted chapter summaries as it was really helpful in both learning and reviewing before the test.