Analysis and Reflection

I first started using wikispaces in CCIT333, during the previous summer session, I had trouble learning to add or edit pages but eventually I learnt how to do them, finding adding, contributing or editing the work of others and having mine edited a very fulfilling experience.It laso aided me in my studies of the course as I found I had a wealth of information on the wiki to draw from to help me plan my work and to study or research tests and assignments.

I hope to contribute even more to this wikispace than I did in the former course due to my inexperience with using wikispaces, I hope to contribute meaningfully to as many topics as I am sure I can contribute to positively in additon to my own pages.I hope to contribute images to put more emphasis on the information being researched and add extra information that can prove useful in providing greater insight into topics on discussion.

I usually choose postings that talk about topics that I am interested in or I can gather more information on , I also try to minimize my deletion of the work of others while editing other postings as a sign of respect to their effort finding information though I find myself displeased when my own posts are edited greatly especially when they are deleted as this to me is a sign of my work being seen as not being good enough by other individuals, I also check and review my work regularly.