Assignment 3

* Last day for final edits to team wikis is Friday Dec 1 *

Technology Redesign Project (30%)

Due Date: Nov 28th

The final deliverable of the course is a group project (3-4 people) involving analysis and redesign of a technological artifact, environment or service of your choice. There are many possible avenues of investigation – during lab, we will work with project groups to help formulate a viable project. The only requirement is that the artifact in question must involve an analysis of user experience. To achieve this, the project will be divided into 4 phases:


(Due Date for posting results to team wiki: Oct 24 - 5% of total grade)
Teams will outline in their project wiki the area of investigation and specify the artefact/ environment/ service for re-design. It will include the following components:
  1. A group resume (an outline of team members, their individual skills, and collective rules and responsibilities)
# A PACT analysis that outlines the intial direction of the team's design project (an intial brainstorming leading to a refinement of project goals)
  1. Also include exploratoration of findings of sources, examples, benchmarks and inspirations (documentation of intial research)

User Study

(Due Date for posting results to team wiki: Nov 7 - 5% of total grade)
For this phase each group will design a research plan to gather insights into the behaviours and needs of the people who will be involved with the product or system. Evaluation and analysis of this data will inform design requirements. It will include the following components:

  1. Statements of user study goals. What do you want to find out and why it is important.
  2. What are the "big" questions you want answered that provide actionable insights?
# Provide a rationale for the selection of methods, for example, why select questionnaires instead of interviews.
  1. Are there any ethical issues that you may encounter? How will you address these.
# Provide a copy of actual questions asked and procedures applied.
  1. Results that provide a brief summary of your findings.
  2. Analysis and interpret the collected data to identify patterns or themes that emerge.

Scenarios and Requirements

(Due Date for posting results to team wiki: Nov 14 - 5% of total grade)

Each team will generate a series of scenarios that refllect user behaviours as informed in the user study (min 1 scenario per group member).

Scenarios should reflect the full complexity of the technology and usage context in question (e.g., it should hit on all the important people, activities, context and technologies you've noted...)

Subsequently, the requirements will be developed to prioritize from "must" to "would be nice" using the MoSCoW approach from text and lecture notes.

Design Concept

(Due Date for posting results to team wiki: Nov 28 - 5% of total grade)

The team will then undertake the development of a design concept that addresses the requirements while offering a creative solution to the initial design problem.

The final deliverables for this phase will include:

Display Poster Presentation

(Due Date Nov 28 - 5% of total grade)
For presentation purposes, this poster will summarize and highlight the main features of the team’s process and design concept.

Documentation Wiki

(Due Date Nov 28* - 5% of total grade)
The team's project-specific Wiki will serve as a workspace and a log of the significant activities that document the design process undertaken by the team as specified in the above phases.

* Last day for final edits to team wikis is Friday Dec 1 *