Ashiq Alibhai's Wiki Changes

A summary of the actions of Ashiq Alibhai's (UTM: 992308935, SH:991027604) actions for the Wiki, large (mostly) and small (some).

Wiki Work:

  • Sectioned side navigation into different categories
  • Created lectures and labs pages
    • Added first week's content
    • Uploaded first week's readings
    • Added second week's content (lab content, supplemented lecture content)
  • Created assignments page
    • Added A2 information
    • Added A4 (test) information
  • Created and maintained news section on front page
  • Added explanatory notes to the Elara server page
  • Initiated Safety page and added the brunt of the content (this is a main content page)

Analysis and Reflections

Part 1: First Encounters

Upon learning we'd be doing a wiki for this course, at first, I was quite excited--being a vetern of CCT300 where the Wiki worked QUITE well! However, I have to say, for this course, I felt the wiki was a bit of a wasted effort. It doesn't seem too useful--maybe just because I didn't use it--and I think the subject matter doesn't lend itself well to a multi-collaborative environment.
I didn't expect to learn much--Wikis are pretty basic (especially coming from a web-developer background)--but definitely I managed to throw in stubs and put in empty frames and things for people to fill in. I also didn't expect much discussion--people in classes that are short tend to just do their thing. Not like Wikipedia, where you can talk about it.

Part 2: Altering Alterations / Part 3: Reflections in Concrete

While I enjoy this idea of a "business system" -- a project you set up, recruit people for, and leave (so they can sustain it without you), the scope of the course doesn't allow us to do too much of this. Remember your parameters! You have:
  • Students, who are here for only four months
* Who have multiple courses to worry about
  • And probably won't visit except to do their part to get marks
  • And resist new learning methods.
I don't think too many people would edit other peoples' work. I sure didn't visit the wiki, except to drop off my A2 content and leave! (And a bit of community stuff here and there -- you neeeeeds it, Bagginsis! So I would say "Wiki? Great idea! But not for this course..."

Personally, I'd enjoy editing peoples stuff--but I really just don't have time. Certainly, nobody's edited my content (as I expected nobody to), so, whatever; I understand wikis, but they really just don't fit the context of this course too well. Really.

Though I have to say, the wiki for the group worked out much better. Though it still suffered from the same context of use and activities as the main wiki, group members showed a greater commitment to the wiki for the project and edited our stuff more, not to mention used each others frames more. So for THAT, it worked. But the general wiki, eh, well, the main pages, sure, people edited those like crazy. But the actual content pages, hmm, I don't know.

Well, you guys have the stats--you've done this a couple of times. How did it work out, in terms of editing other peoples' content--other then main pages like table of contents and assignments and stuff like that?