Type in any FAQ's about the second assignment here.

1. I can't seem to get the edit buttons to show up. What do I do?
You may be using the wrong browser. If you're using a Mac, make sure to download Mozilla Firefox as your main browser for this assignment. You should also ensure that you are logged in your Wikispaces account.
2.I can't seem to add my page under Analysis and Reflection, why is that?
You have to edit in your name, and then highlight it create a hyperlink (click the hyperlink button on the toolbar) then click on add a wikispace and click on the add new page, then enter in your name, and you should be all set. Do note that version control can be problematic in Wikispaces - if your name disappears, likely someone was doing the same thing as you and saved over your edit. In this case, redoing it is easy; if this happens with a few paragraphs of content, you can retrieve the text through looking at the page history.
3.How many sources do we need for our Wiki topic?
Just like any research document sources are important to not only gather and synthesize important facts and concepts, but also to acknowledge the antecedents that give rise to your own writing. The amount depends on how much information is harvested .... the less you know about a topic the more you will need to research. In saying that, there is no set amount but definitley 1 source on a complex topic (ie. interaction technique) would not suffice. A rough figure maybe 4-5 sources for a 500-700 piece but certainly feel free to include more especially when editing and contributing to pages.
4. How do I insert a Table Of Contents within my page?
On the top of your page, insert the following without the spaces [ [ toc ] ] . Keep in mind everything you want to be in your table of contents will automatically be added to it. So if you want a heading in your content to be part of your table of contents, format that phrase by highlighting it, and using the editing toolbar,scroll down from Normal to Heading 1, 2 or 3.

5.Do we need to hand code our pages with something like html?
No, you don't need to know any coding to edit and add pages to the wiki. When you find a page you want to edit, click "Edit This Page" and you will be able to type your content directly onto the page. A toolbar will allow you to insert pictures, links, tables, etc. Visit How to Edit Wiki for more information. Alternatively, you can click "Edit Navigation" to change the side menu or "New Page" to start a new page. Just remember to click "Save" when you're done editing.
6.Do we need to indicate which pages we worked on in our group project or is it a collaborative mark?
you should indicate it on your analysis and reflection pages the major changes you made to make your life and the prof's life easier instead of them going back to see what you have done and also the changes you make on your group webpages is diffrent then the CCT300 page so just mention that you have done work but do not go into detail with it
7. Having problems loading pictures?
I was having a problem and I was also told by others that it was giving them problems so what you need to do is open it in another browser such as explorer and also some Mac computers stop cookies so you should consider using a PC instead. (Note: it's hard to say what the problem is here: can you be more specific? It would help to know precisely what you're doing and what errors are happening.)
8.I am having problems uploading documents onto wikispace, are we allowed to do that?
You're allowed to do it, although there may be file size issues if they're obnoxiously huge. What's the problem you're having? If you could be more specific, that would help a lot. If by documents you mean word documents then I don't think you can, best thing to do is copy and paste the text, also the formatting might change.
9. How do you change the flower pot picture on your own wiki page?
Firstly, in order to make this change you must be the organizer of the page (original creator). To change the flower pot picture click "manage space" from the right side menu then click "look and feel" under space settings then at the very bottom under logo is where you can change the logo by uploading a custom image which should be150x150 pixels or smaller.